Where is the U.S.-China cyberwar leading to?


Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting Washington this week and meet with his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama. Against the backdrop, the two countries are busy fighting each other on the cyber front. Last year has seen a spike in Beijing-backed cyber attacks against U.S. targets.

In retaliation, the U.S. has charged Chinese officials for being involved in cyber-crimes against U.S. businesses and federal institutions, and Obama is weighing the option of slapping new sanctions against Chinese authorities. Continue reading


Is MI5’s case for banning WhatsApp well-founded?


MI5 chief Andrew Parker has called for greater power in monitoring online communications, arguing that the terrorist threat to the U.K. is at its peak in the three five decades and social media networks need to share user information with governments and law enforcement agencies in order to help track and arrest persons endangering the country’s national security.

The motion set by Parker could lead to the possible banning of highly encrypted communications, which could render messaging apps such as the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Apple-made iMessage illegal. Continue reading

Teamwork is the key to modern programming


Ever since the advent of computers, humans have been searching for ways to create software that better address their daily needs. Today, desktop, web, and mobile applications have grown in complexity and size to the extent that there isn’t a shred of our lives that isn’t dependent in one way or another to some sort of application.

Complex software need better programmers. Specifically, complex software need better teams of programmers. The era of single-person programming is long gone, and unless you’re planning to do programming as a hobby, you’re going to need to learn teamwork if you want to embark on a successful programming journey. Continue reading

How to improve your business with Facebook marketing


The advent and growth of social networking systems in recent years has brought dramatic changes to every aspect of our lives. What started out as becoming a simple line of tools that were meant to ease communications and bring friends together in innovative ways have evolved into becoming full featured apps that have found their way into our business and professional life.

Presently, social media has become one of the prominent methods of marketing and attracting customers. Facebook is a perfect tool for this purpose, and Facebook advertising has helped companies earn billions in revenue by adopting the right techniques. Continue reading

8 ways to increase website traffic and give your business a boost

TrafficWebsites have become an inseparable part of businesses over the past years. Customers are becoming more and more inclined toward making their purchases through web services. A large percentage of your income and the success of your business will definitely depend of the amount of traffic you can direct to your website and the services you offer to your customers. And that figure is likely to grow even further in the years to come.

Every business is vying to land better search result rankings and to be the site that potential customers choose when they’re looking for a specific product or service; bloggers want their blog to have the first say in topics regarding their niche. Continue reading

My “End of Android Heyday” article in Tech Crunch caused a stir

Android Mascot

Let’s face it. Google has taken a few hard blows on the nose regarding the recent security flaws that have surfaced on its Android platform. And some of those loopholes are very dangerous. That was what my latest piece Tech Crunch focused on.

In the article, published yesterday, I gave a breakdown of the latest vulnerabilities in the Android OS, which seem to cast a cloud of doubt over the future of the most popular mobile OS in the world.

The feedback I got on the article was quite startling. Continue reading

What am I doing here?

Hi everyone. I just set up my blog and I’m happy to be part of the WordPress community. If you’re into tech, business, and politics; if you’re looking for advice on computer programming; and if you’re searching for invaluable experience in the freelancing world; then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be writing about all of the above-mentioned issues in my bi-weekly posts. I’ll be more than glad to share my experience with you, and I’m eager to get feedback and hear about your experience as well. Continue reading