Machine learning has a privacy problem

Artificial intelligence - Machine learning

Despite all of its benefits, artificial intelligence is introducing some controversial issues, and it’s not all about stealing our jobs. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, assets that were previously in our sole possession are no longer private and can be accessed and used by anyone who has the nerves to do a little search and install the right applications. Continue reading


Can (And Should) Self-Driving Cars Learn and Adapt?

Self-driving car

Guest post by Charles Bell (@csbell88)

Slowly but surely, smart devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives, and there’s a great deal of debate about it. People wonder how far it will go, whether or not it’s truly good for us, and what risks or benefits may not have become fully apparent yet. Some of these topics were covered in a recent article about the IoT and machine learning, as related to home functions and everyday applications. But another area in which machine learning is becoming a fascinating topic is where autonomous cars are concerned.  Continue reading

The IoT ransomware threat is more serious than you think

Image: Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai/Vice Motherboard

At the recent Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, two researchers from cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners showed that they could inflict your smart thermostat with ransomware from hundreds of miles away, and force you to fork over cash (usually bitcoins) before you could regain control of the appliance. Continue reading

Protecting company data and brand by avoiding network hacks

Data center

Guest post by Simon Parker, courtesy of Minerva Security

Both small and large corporations are tasked with securing their networks and computer systems, particularly from intruders who want to hack into them to gain access to sensitive and confidential information. For this reason, putting the appropriate safety measures in place is critical to these organizations, specifically in an environment where any company is subject to these fraudulent acts. In fact, based on information that was provided by researchers in the United Kingdom, approximately 50% of their business’ systems are currently at risk because they do not have the efficient computer security procedures established. Continue reading

Unleashing the potential of VR in different industries

Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality, or the science of computer-generated simulation of the real world that provides users with a near-realistic experience, has always been on the wish list of engineers and consumers since decades ago. But after many failed attempts, it is finally here in earnest and is showing potential to become the next big computing platform, creating new markets and disrupting existing ones. Continue reading

Look beyond connectivity before embarking on your IoT journey

internet of things

The Internet of Things is the connection of things beyond your computer and laptop – physical things – to the internet. It has enormous potential for both customers and manufacturers. It’s today’s buzzword. And it’s everywhere. It will soon invade our lives in ways that were unimaginable before, and there’s no stopping it. If you’re a consumer, IoT might have become part of your life without you knowing it. And if you’re a manufacturer, you should start thinking about making your products “smart,” lest you lose the competitive edge against your rivals.

That’s the basic mindset that drives manufacturers in virtually every industry toward integrating internet connectivity into their newest products without thinking about the requirements, implications, challenges and pitfalls. And that’s where they stop: connectivity. Continue reading

What happens when you bring home a connected product?

Smart washing machine

Guest post by Barbara Nelson, CTO Cirrent. Twitter: @cirrent

That day you knew would come has arrived. Your old washing machine that was being unreliable got worse, and is now leaking soapy water all over your floor. The time has come to replace it. So you head to your local home appliance store, and pick out a new washing machine.

Your new washing machine comes with some upgraded features, such as vibration reduction technology (you like the idea of a quieter washing machine). The biggest change, however, is that your new washing machine is a connected washing machine, allowing you to control and monitor your laundry from anywhere, using your smartphone. That sounds great!

So, you connect your washing machine to your home Wi-Fi network (which can be a troublesome process, but you get it done). Now what? Have you just installed a trojan horse on your home network? Continue reading