How smart locks are changing the way we think about security

smart lock

Guest post by Ralph Goodman

Many people have postulated that the future of home security lies within the smart lock. However, I do not believe that the future of anything is that clear cut, especially home security. This is not to say that smart locks will not have a place in the future. I am merely trying to view them as objectively as possible in order to discuss the ways in which they are changing the security landscape. There are many indicators that point to the fact that smart locks will have a bright future in terms of security, but there are also a few indicators that signal that the smart lock industry could take a wrong turn if it does not pay more attention to security. Continue reading


What is the difference between greenfield and brownfield IoT development?

Soft Pasture

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting phenomena of the tech industry these days. But there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding it as well. Some think about IoT merely as creating new internet-connected devices, while others are more focused on creating value through adding connectivity and smarts to what already exists out there.

I would argue that the former is an oversimplification of the IoT concept, though it accounts for the most common approach that startups take toward entering the industry. It’s what we call greenfield development, as opposed to the latter approach, which is called brownfield.

Here’s what you need to know about greenfield and brownfield development, their differences, the challenges, and where the right balance stands. Continue reading

Apple’s headphone jack removal—was it courage?



With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 and I Phone 7Plus by Apple, some saw their expectations met as the devices are quite similar to their predecessors, and some others were left disappointed. One of the most controversial aspects of the new generation headsets though was Apple’s decision to do away with the traditional analog headphone jack. While some considered such a move as inevitable, the reasoning placed forward by Apple senior marketing vice-president Phil Schiller, as “courage,” has created quite some noise. Continue reading

How virtual reality lets the mind move beyond the body’s limits

Oculus Rift VR headset

There are limits to what you can do to hone your physical strength and capabilities. You go to the gym, work out, go to the field, do some drills, reps, practice, or whatever else you call it whether you’re in any of the physically involved professions such as sports or the military.

However, the mind’s potential to grow stronger, smarter and faster dwarfs that of the mortal shell that encases it. There is virtually no limits to what the mind can do, what it can learn, and the more you train it the better it becomes. Continue reading

All you need to know about Apple’s tax evasion controversy

Apple headquarters

Apple was slapped with a European Commission ruling on August 30, ordering the tech giant to pay a whopping $14.5 billion bill for back taxes in reference to its business and sales in Europe in general, and in Ireland in particular. The subject of Apple’s taxes, and especially the over $230 billion in cash stored offshore, has a remained a tricky issue for this company for years now. How Apple found itself involved in such a mess and its record-breaking tax evasion case have become a hot topic. Continue reading

Happy anniversary Tech Talks!

Tech Talks birthday cake

I can’t believe an entire year has passed. It seems as if it was just last week when I was tapping in the words of the first post we published here—Ok, not exactly one week, but not a long time ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and still have a long way to go. What started as a personal blog, reflecting the ramblings of the mind of a software engineer has now become a hub where thought leaders and innovators exchange ideas and opinion on how technology is changing our lives, for better or for worse. Continue reading

What is blockchain?


Blockchain is a term you see fairly much when browsing tech—and non-tech—sites these days. It is widely known as the technology that constitutes the infrastructure of Bitcoin (what’s bitcoin BTW?), a mysterious cryptocurrency created by a mysterious scientist in 2009. Some even confuse it as a synonym for bitcoin. But the reality is that blockchain is a disruptive technology that has the potential to transform a wide variety of business processes. Continue reading