It’s rare that both sides of the betting equation win, but blockchain sportsbook technology is paving the way for both the bettor and the book to come out ahead.
text grammar error checker
Grammarly has found a niche suitable for the narrow capabilities of deep learning, and grown itself from a small app into the leading AI-based grammar checker.
Companies often misuse artificial intelligence to sell products and services. The practice has triggered a backlash by AI researchers, academicians and other experts.
One of the main heroes of 2017 was the hype around cryptocurrencies. The newest technology which created numerous next-gen startups and, thereafter, frauds and scam schemes.
The smart toys that parents give their children these days keep them busy. But what’s the cost of having less-fussy kids with help from tech?
In my latest piece in TechCrunch, I gave a full breakdown of the ongoing debate between government agencies and tech firms over whether consumer devices and software should be embedded with strong encryption technology, and...
Artificial intelligence is especially good at exploiting our weaknesses. Famous historian Yuval Harari suggests the same AI systems can protect us against malicious abuse of our habits. Is it possible?
When it comes to job hunting, a common concern is not having enough experience, while in software development job seekers and holders fear to have too much of it. Let's see how!
smart home devices
By Santeri Kangas The Internet of Things (IoT) device universe is expanding. This statement echoes for the fifth year in a row—only the numbers change as they grow bigger. Indeed, as the universe of IoT devices...
digital healthcare
By Valentin Tablan Over the past decade, technology has transformed the way we live.  The emergence and advancement of personal devices, data capture, networks and the cloud, deep learning and Internet of Things (IoT)—amongst other things—has...