Face recognition is more convenient than other forms of authentication—but not necessarily more secure
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Society is in a data-intensive era of computing. Companies depend on big data platforms to reach conclusions in minutes that would take days without the help of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has also come into...
robot artificial intelligence health care
From controlling chronic diseases to taking care of the elderly, artificial intelligence has made many inroads in the health care sector. Here are some of the latest trends.
Many people use artificial intelligence and machine learning interchangeably, which isn't a bad thing as long as it isn't done with ill purpose.
With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 and I Phone 7Plus by Apple, some saw their expectations met as the devices are quite similar to their predecessors, and some others were left disappointed. One...
Google's AI-powered Duplex demo raised fears about the ethics of artificial intelligence agents that imitate humans. How well-placed are those concerns?
2018 was a year of reckoning for the AI industry. In parallel to technological developments, there was ample focus on the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence technology.
No one will argue that Artificial Intelligence has taken great strides in past years. Thanks to AI we’re getting targeted and personalized ads, becoming better in education, healthcare, agriculture and whatnot. So what’s preventing Artificial Intelligence...
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The increasing personalization of technology and our ability to share and analyze large quantities of data are helping to uncover new solutions to helping addicts through the treatment and recovery process.
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Cybercriminals continue to disrupt current defense mechanisms through new methods by exploiting vulnerabilities, especially in the overlapping areas of machine and human interactions. Cybersecurity software has matured well in terms of reacting to breaches based...