virtual reality headset
By John Kennedy In 2018, $2.8 billion of venture capital money was raised by virtual reality and augmented reality technology-related start-ups globally according to Greenlight Insights. Imagine if investor pitches had revealed that VR is actually...
AI is a technology to augment human intelligence and usher in an era of partnership between man and machine
Apple's latest FaceTime vulnerability was yet another reminder of the inherent security threats of a ubiquitously connected and digitized world.
The rise of IoT and the advent of Blockchain have rendered the classic cloud useless due to the vast amount of data and required computing power. Edge computing is the new kid on the block.
While for some, the IoT is a wonderland of information and communication and others prefer human interaction, it is vitally important to strike the right balance.
Ever since the dawn of computers, organizations, companies, government agencies and individuals have relied on usernames and passwords as the principle way to identify users and grant (or deny) access to sensitive information, communications and...
By decentralizing the real estate industry, blockchain can make this profitable market available to a larger audience.
The real value of Google Pixel's Call Screen feature is the problem it solves, not the technology its marketing team is talking about.
As social creatures, we are the sum total of our interactions with others. Blockchain will help us take our identity into our own hands.
Your healthcare data are currently scattered across many cloud services creating privacy and compatibility concerns. Blockchain can help by giving you back the ownership of your healthcare data and the ability to choose which services have access to it.