Nvidia's RTX technology is there allowing us to go for real-time ray tracing. What has been the realm of CG studios will soon become retail. What are the consequences and where are we headed?
The internet will get a lot worse before it gets better.
As social creatures, we are the sum total of our interactions with others. Blockchain will help us take our identity into our own hands.
coronavirus covid-19 test
Researchers at Boston University have proposed a solution that can track the spread of COVID-19 without sacrificing your privacy.
With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 and I Phone 7Plus by Apple, some saw their expectations met as the devices are quite similar to their predecessors, and some others were left disappointed. One...
Advances in AI have helped automate many tasks that involve processing text. However, text-processing AI algorithms have their own unique vulnerabilities, researchers at IBM, Amazon and University of Texas have found.
robot thinking
By Joey Jia Every new technology brings with it questions of ethics and unintended consequences. It’s right to ask these questions, but it’s also important...
evolution artificial intelligence
A paper by DeepMind scientist triggered much debate about the path to artificial intelligence. Here, we'll try to draw the line between theory and practice.
Thinking inward
To understand the power and limits of large language models (LLM), we must separate “formal” from “functional” linguistic competence.
There was every reason to believe Spotify would fail or would be crushed by one of the tech or music giants. But the company thrived against all odds.