hate speech angry emoji
The unending struggles of tech companies to automate hate speech detection highlight the limits of current AI technologies in understanding the context of human language.
brain gears
Cognitive scientist Gary Marcus argues why hybrid artificial intelligence, the combination of neural networks and symbol manipulation, can create robust AI systems.
video conferencing remote work
By Paul McNeil Among all the things that have proven to be broken and overlooked or underestimated because of the covid-19 pandemic, and between all the industries and niches that came to a halt, technology adoption...
biased data
By Micaela Kaplan Creating an ethical business and customer experience (CX) begins with understanding the interactions that impact the business every day. To do so,...
John Krafcik Waymo CEO
Waymo's new leadership lineup suggests that the company has acknowledged that the “fully self-driving cars are here” narrative is a bit fallacious.
robot thinking
By Joey Jia Every new technology brings with it questions of ethics and unintended consequences. It’s right to ask these questions, but it’s also important...
customer relationship management crm
By Luke Fitzpatrick For successful marketing results, the intended message has to get to the desired audience at the correct time. This depends on existing...
cybersecurity in healthcare
By Musheer Ahmed Criminals are getting smarter and the healthcare industry is no exception. In 2021 alone, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered more than...
tesla optimus robot
Tesla's Optimus robot reveal was impressive in many ways. But quite a few questions remain.
openai chatgpt
ChatGPT is Polanyi's paradox in reverse. It can tell, but it doesn't know.