Will we manage to regulate data ownership before digital dictatorships emerge? The future of life itself might depend on it.
Animal tests are an integral part of modern-day drug and chemical compounds development and approval procedures. But Artificial Intelligence may soon replace a lot of it!
MI5 chief Andrew Parker has called for greater power in monitoring online communications, arguing that the terrorist threat to the U.K. is at its peak in the three five decades and social media networks need to share...
We humans tend to humanize artificial intelligence. But this line of thinking is wrong, even if AI and deep learning accomplish the most fantastic feats.
Nine months after losing to humans at a Dota 2 e-sports event, OpenAI's team of neural networks came back and made history by defeating the world champions of the online strategy game.
virtual reality headset
By John Kennedy In 2018, $2.8 billion of venture capital money was raised by virtual reality and augmented reality technology-related start-ups globally according to Greenlight Insights. Imagine if investor pitches had revealed that VR is actually...
science lab experiment
AI researchers are joining forces to create programs that can help medical scientists navigate thousands of research papers written about COVID-19
health technology laptop
By Ricky Philip Over the last few months, the covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world into an unprecedented situation. It even gave birth to new concepts such as social-distancing and prioritized technologies like cloud, internet of things...
supply chain
When the coronavirus pandemic struck, it changed the ways we do business essentially overnight. Supply chains received the brunt of the impact, having to adapt to shifting consumer...
ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge
The ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge will test the limits of reinforcement learning in solving task and motion planning problems.