By Jürgen Galler Predictive analytics is bringing smarter insights and better efficiency into many areas of our lives, even if we aren’t always aware of...
health technology laptop
By Ricky Philip Over the last few months, the covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world into an unprecedented situation. It even gave birth to new concepts such as social-distancing and prioritized technologies like cloud, internet of things...
robot hand using laptop
The world is going bonkers over artificial intelligence and for all the right reasons. AI is almost at the helm of ruling the realm of marketing technology and it is here to stay for a...
When the term "whistleblower" comes to mind, one is reminded of government and shadow agency problems brought to light. But there's another aspect to the concept that involves the ousting of damaging, relevant information related to large corporations or individuals in the business world.
Aurora Innovation self-driving trucks
Self-driving car startup Aurora will go public in a reverse merger with Reinvent Technology Partners Y, a SPAC, with a risky promise to deliver self-driving trucks.
language models gopher gpt-3
By Herbert Roitblat Language modeling (such as GPT or Gopher) has been used to perform hundreds of tasks, including some with very few training examples. So...
cybersecurity data breach
Machine learning will automate many repetitive tasks in fending off cyberthreats. But cybersecurity is still a human discipline, AI is the complement.
Deep learning concept whitening
Concept whitening is a technique that helps create interpretable deep learning models without incurring performance penalties.
Nvidia robot simulation platform
New research by Nvidia and University of Toronto promises to make robotics research available to resource-constrained organizations.
reinforcement learning real-world
UC Berkeley's Sergey Levine “self-supervised offline reinforcement learning” as a promising direction of research for AI.