Electronic board toned blue
Cloud helped push artificial intelligence to the mainstream. But it's now posing great challenges to many AI applications.
smart home security
I've recently written an article in TechCrunch on the much-disputed issue of IoT security. Fact of the matter is IoT truly is a phenomenon that can change our lives – or destroy them. There are...
GitHub Copilot microsoft openai
Copilot, a source code generator developed by GitHub and OpenAI, provides interesting hints about the future directions of the software industry and the business of large language models.
Ever since the advent of computers, humans have been searching for ways to create software that better address their daily needs. Today, desktop, web, and mobile applications have grown in complexity and size to the extent...
Deep learning is good at finding patterns in text and speech, but AI's understanding of the human language is shallow even if it sounds and looks convincing.
alexa smart speaker ai assistant
To outsmart smart assistants, you need to get to know the history, strengths, and limitations of artificial intelligence—and how to use it to get ahead.
neural network undetectable backdoor
A new research paper highlights the threats of undetectable backdoors in machine learning models.
machine learning email spam detection
Here's how machine learning algorithms can help keep your inbox clean of spam emails.
After the bitcoin bubble burst, what will happen to blockchain, the technology that supports cryptocurrencies?
For digital businesses there are a number of risks which freelancers and contractors may face as a result of the new GDPR regulations. Here's what you need to know!