Artificial intelligence is leaving its mark in many domains, on of them being data centers, where AI algorithms are cutting costs and improving efficiency.
With the help of machine learning, companies can remove the frustrating elements of business travel that often force employ to "go rogue" on company protocols.
Advances in AI have helped automate many tasks that involve processing text. However, text-processing AI algorithms have their own unique vulnerabilities, researchers at IBM, Amazon and University of Texas have found.
Supply chains are fundamental to the industry but their current inefficiencies make them ripe for disruption. Here's is one of the areas that blockchain technology can help.
Will we manage to regulate data ownership before digital dictatorships emerge? The future of life itself might depend on it.
To create effective human-machine interaction systems, we need to understand the influence AI has on people and vice versa.
Two days ago one of the worst crimes against humanity in recent years took place in Syria. The government of Bashar al-Assad carried out an aerial bombing on the town of Khan Sheikhun, targeting defenseless...
Happy birthday TechTalks! Looking forward to an exciting year three!
In tandem with the surge in value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), the new form of investment that relies on blockchain (the technology underlying Bitcoin), are also gaining traction. Blockchain startups...
Driverless cars will eventually become good at detecting and avoiding all kinds of collisions. But how should they decide when human death becomes inevitable?