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Machine learning will automate many repetitive tasks in fending off cyberthreats. But cybersecurity is still a human discipline, AI is the complement.
Deep learning and neural networks brought artificial intelligence into practical domains. But like other life-changing technologies, they also introduced their own unique cybersecurity threats. Here's what we know.
FCC decision to gut net neutrality rules is endangering the cryptocurrency market. Here's how the community is fighting back.
The smart toys that parents give their children these days keep them busy. But what’s the cost of having less-fussy kids with help from tech?
As we continue to chase the dream of fully autonomous vehicles, the technology we develop can solve smaller yet no less important problems, such as automating the operation of forklifts in industrial settings.
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ImageNet and other popular AI training datasets suffer from biases and other flaws. ObjectNet, an image repository developed by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, fixes these flaws.
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By Santeri Kangas The Internet of Things (IoT) device universe is expanding. This statement echoes for the fifth year in a row—only the numbers change as they grow bigger. Indeed, as the universe of IoT devices...
While Google Glass was not precisely virtual or augmented reality, the reasons behind its spectacular failure may have been similar to what is holding back extended reality today.
Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the latest trend that is gradually conquering the cloud.
In world dominated by artificial intelligence, not all possibilities can be simulated or tested. That's why we need an ethical framework to help the developers and the recipients of AI systems to evaluate their reliability.