maonocaster e2 single mic bundle
As podcasting and live streaming is taking the world by storm, more people are looking for the necessary equipment that delivers professional quality. Maono is among the few...
mlops cycle
A study by UC Berkeley sheds light on the best practices of MLOps and operationalizing machine learning.
model imitation chatgpt
Model imitation enables small LLMs to copy the style of large language models such as ChatGPT. But it also has some important limits.
Of course it is. With internet and mobile services accounting for a large part of our personal and corporate lives, hackers have a lot of means in their disposition to target us, harm us, steal...
Running your own business is a dream. Here's how to protect it while it's still most vulnerable.
As social creatures, we are the sum total of our interactions with others. Blockchain will help us take our identity into our own hands.
Alexa's lack of understanding of the context of conversations can become confusing. Developers will have to figure out how to make their AI assistants smarter.
Reports continue to show that mid to senior career women leave technology fields in high numbers. These studies have also shown that there are many things that we can do to support the goal of sustaining women in technology.
virtual reality headset
Recently, virtual reality (VR) has begun to make waves at film festivals. The industry is ready, but is the mass market prepared to make the leap?
Robot arm writing
Google's new chatbot Meena is the largest artificial intelligence language model released to date. The results are impressive, but has it moved the needle on natural language understanding?