AI's capabilities go way beyond autonomous vehicles when it comes to transportation.
Robot human hands touching
Artificial intelligence and the human mind are totally different constructions that complement each other's shortcomings.
People with STEM backgrounds are well-equipped for current and future roles in the workforce. It's time to become more dedicated than ever about getting people interested in pursuing STEM for their career paths.
Voice-user interface (VUI) technology has experienced an explosion in popularity among consumers and developers alike. VUI grants us convenience—and in our fast-paced modern world, the time saved by VUI is a valuable benefit.
The apparent infighting at AI research lab DeepMind shows why it's wrong to mingle commercial and scientific AI.
facial recognition
We live in an age where we have unprecedented access to almost any information we need. With the emergence of new technology like artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, big data and more, the human experience...
magnifying glass water droplets
Adversarial image scaling takes advantage of image resizing algorithms to fool machine learning algorithms
data science
Big tech companies have the experts, the infrastructure, and the environment to help data scientists develop their skills and find new challenges.
microsoft nuance acquisition
Microsoft's acquisition of conversational AI company Nuance will put it in a dominating position in healthcare and beyond.
Boston Dynamic Atlas Parkour
A behind-the-scenes video of Boston Dynamics robot Atlas provides unique insights into the challenges of bipedal robotics.