FPGA neural network deep learning
GPUs face many challenges when running deep learning models in challenging environments. FPGAs can overcome many of these challenges.
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Organizations must overcome three key barriers on their path to adopting machine learning in their operations.
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Deep learning pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yann LeCun discuss current limits of deep learning and future directions of research.
Hanabi reinforcement learning
A new study by MIT Lincoln Laboratory shows Hanabi players are frustrated when teamed up with top-performing reinforcement learning systems.
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In "The Constitution of Algorithms," Florian Jaton sheds light on the human side of algorithms by exploring them from the inside instead of studying them from afar.
Deep learning is not likely to disappear, nor should it. But it's time for a critical reflection on what it has and has not been able to achieve.
Supply chains are fundamental to the industry but their current inefficiencies make them ripe for disruption. Here's is one of the areas that blockchain technology can help.
This week, ProtonMail made headlines for being targeted by a massive DDoS attack after having caved-in to $6,000 ransom demand made by the group that was behind the attack. The two-stage attack, which eventually took...
Smart homes are already a reality — and they improve our lives in hundreds of little ways that weren't possible before. Let's see how 5G can improve that.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are becoming the go-to options for addressing the troubles of modern-day AML and KYC regulatory compliance.