Advances in AI have helped automate many tasks that involve processing text. However, text-processing AI algorithms have their own unique vulnerabilities, researchers at IBM, Amazon and University of Texas have found.
computer vision object detection
Companies that are focused on computer vision are finding powerful productivity gains in automating processes and reducing human workloads.
digital trading
By Anton Altement It's often said that a trader's worst enemy is himself. Behavioral biases tend to throw otherwise rational trading strategies out of whack...
AI assistants are having a hard time gaining mass adoption on smartphones and computers. But on augmented reality headsets, they will become one of the main ways we interact with applications and our environment.
GDPR will put a lot of strain on the data-hungry algorithms of artificial intelligence companies. Is this the end of AI innovations?
Detecting deepfakes is a cat-and-mouse game that is becoming harder every day. Archangel, a project by the University of Surrey, uses neural networks and blockchain to prove their provenance of videos and protect them against tampering.
The development of 3D printing technology has had considerable impact on many industries, and will continue to do so in the near future. The technology allows you to create any design you wish to precise...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Many industries have already been impacted by the integration of AI technology to improve business processes, but that’s only the beginning. Through the use of big data, machine...
robot artificial intelligence health care
From controlling chronic diseases to taking care of the elderly, artificial intelligence has made many inroads in the health care sector. Here are some of the latest trends.
Deep learning is not likely to disappear, nor should it. But it's time for a critical reflection on what it has and has not been able to achieve.