Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting Washington this week and meet with his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama. Against the backdrop, the two countries are busy fighting each other on the cyber front. Last year has seen...
Internet connectivity has become an essential infrastructure, and yet about half of the world’s population today remains unconnected. Here's how the situation can be remedied.
More than ever before, there is a high demand in the workforce for an increased emphasis on education in mathematics and sciences but students in rural areas often do not have the same opportunities as those who live in urban areas.
With each passing year, our adoption of advanced technology becomes more pronounced. Different aspects of our lives are enhanced by the changes in our digital world, and this, in turn, reveals even greater potential. Between...
robots learning artificial intelligence
By Thor Schueler You never know what goes on behind closed doors When it comes to your next-door neighbors, maybe it’s better that way. But in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) it’s quite the opposite. As...
sam altman greg brockman openai
In the process of creating the largest language AI system, OpenAI has gradually morphed from a nonprofit AI lab to a company that sells AI services.
Apple self-driving car
Apple's plans for launching a self-driving car can indicate a fundamental shift in the company's product-development strategy.
collaborative robots
By Ian Ferguson There is increasing excitement surrounding the seamless integration of robots in automation and Industry 4.0 strategies. However, we are a long way...
If you’re a software developer looking for pastures new, here are a few things to look for when considering working at a new company.
science healthcare
By Shez Partovi If you want to make a positive impact in healthcare with any data science project, keep two things in mind. First, put...