The IT industry consumes 3-5% of the world's electricity and you would be amazed how much negative impact badly coded software could have on it!
AI AlphaStar StarCraft II
AlphaStar, an AI developed by Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind, bested human players in famous real-time strategy game StarCraft II. Here's why it's a milestone achievement for the artificial intelligence industry.
Thanks to internet of things (IoT), cities are becoming increasingly smarter and autonomous. But how does this affect disabled people?
Survival of the Best Fit is an online game that teaches you the basics of algorithmic bias and how machine learning algorithms can make problematic decisions.
Robot Rubick's Cube
Black-box adversarial reprogramming can repurpose neural networks for new tasks without having full access to the deep learning model.
digital trading
By Anton Altement It's often said that a trader's worst enemy is himself. Behavioral biases tend to throw otherwise rational trading strategies out of whack...
artificial intelligence applications
AI probably won't replace humans by 2030, but it will handle some of today’s more routine chores with far greater efficiency and, with a bit of tinkering, some of today’s non-routine chores with greater aplomb
data science
Data science is a popular and lucrative profession, and despite pandemic-era slowdowns, it’s still one of the sexiest jobs around. As businesses seek to employ the power of...
adobe artificial intelligence
Adobe's roadmap for integrating AI into its applications is an interesting case study of bringing the right elements together.
problems and solutions
The maturation of AI will gradually create a shift in task assignment, where humans become problem finders and computers become problem solvers.