As a pedestrian of the future enough real-time data about us exists that a remarkably granular and predictive profile will emerge, usable for any number of purposes. But how do we see this new, intelligent environment? How do we interact with it in useful ways?
Driverless cars will eventually become good at detecting and avoiding all kinds of collisions. But how should they decide when human death becomes inevitable?
Companies must remain competitive to sustain their success in 2019 and the next decade. In this regard, automation is critical.
Augmented and mixed reality in construction
Mixed reality provides a way to help construction companies support complex modeling processes and improve opportunities for collaboration across projects.
smart home devices
By Santeri Kangas The Internet of Things (IoT) device universe is expanding. This statement echoes for the fifth year in a row—only the numbers change as they grow bigger. Indeed, as the universe of IoT devices...
Robot Rubick's Cube
Black-box adversarial reprogramming can repurpose neural networks for new tasks without having full access to the deep learning model.
Deep learning trust metrics
AI researchers at Darwin AI and the University of Waterloo have established a set of metrics to measure trust in deep learning models
autonomous robots adversarial training
Adversarial training secures neural networks against adversarial attacks. But in robotics applications, it can decrease safety, research shows.
DeepMind reinforcement learning AI XLand
DeepMind has released a new paper that shows impressive advances in reinforcement learning. How far does it bring us toward general AI?
brain nature
Creating our intelligence, nature has found a simple and at the same time ingenious solution, which is not devoid of a great mystery.