The rise of IoT and the advent of Blockchain have rendered the classic cloud useless due to the vast amount of data and required computing power. Edge computing is the new kid on the block.
No doubt that in terms of graphics quality and fidelity Nvidia is on the right track with its new Turing architecture and GeForce RTX 20 line. But when it comes to video cards aimed at gamers, there might be a catch.
AI is now thoroughly integrated into our everyday lives. But there are a lot of misconceptions ranging from the absurd to the all too plausible.
The shades of emotion in the human voice are being decoded and mapped in a way that has never been done before, and it’s providing the foundation for the next generation of emotionally intelligent AI.
robot artificial intelligence fake news
Many people assume that an AI algorithm generating coherent text can trigger a fake news crisis. The assumption couldn't be farther from the truth.
gradient descent deep learning
At the AAAI 2020 ConferenceDeep learning pioneer Yann LeCun discussed the problems of supervised learning and possible solutions to make AI less data-hungry.
robot eye
A new AI research paper highlights the challenges of comparing deep neural networks with human perception.
Boston Dynamics
After being acquired by Hyundai, Boston Dynamics will have a chance to create a profitable robots business. But the benefits are not without tradeoffs.
collaborative robots
By Ian Ferguson There is increasing excitement surrounding the seamless integration of robots in automation and Industry 4.0 strategies. However, we are a long way...
If you’re a software developer looking for pastures new, here are a few things to look for when considering working at a new company.