PACD data poisoning
A new research paper shows that machine learning systems can fail against adversarial examples even if they have been trained with randomized smoothing techniques.
artificial general intelligence brain
By Charles Simon Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has become part of our daily lives. Just ask anyone who has ever played a...
neural networks infected with malware
researchers at the University of California, San Diego, and the University of Illinois have discovered a technique to embed malware in deep neural networks.
macbook iphone
By Chris Pennington Brands are beginning to see the need to incorporate emotional intelligence into the customer experience. It is crucial to implement automation in...
Evil Artificial intelligence (AI) concept.
What will happen when individual artificial intelligence becomes a military technology?
openai agi strategy
A new blog post by Sam Altman explains OpenAI's updated roadmap for artificial general intelligence. He answers some questions and leaves many others unanswered.
AI is a technology to augment human intelligence and usher in an era of partnership between man and machine
Social media can be turned into a form of weaponization that turns a relatively good-natured platform into something more sinister. Here's why and how to can protect yourself!
Internet connectivity has become an essential infrastructure, and yet about half of the world’s population today remains unconnected. Here's how the situation can be remedied.
Optical AI hardware accelerators are helping improve the speed and throughput of neural networks while reducing the power consumption.