Artificial intelligence is leaving its mark in many domains, on of them being data centers, where AI algorithms are cutting costs and improving efficiency.
random images computer vision
ImageNet and other popular AI training datasets suffer from biases and other flaws. ObjectNet, an image repository developed by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, fixes these flaws.
biometric fingerprint scan
By Gil Artmoore Image credit: Depositphotos According to Forbes, business leaders from a variety of industries have joined forces to face one unexpected enemy. That enemy?...
LO-shot learning
A new AI research paper shows machine learning algorithms can use "less-than-one-shot" learning to classify data with fewer training examples than labels.
artificial intelligence startup
AI startups build their success not on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms but on sound product strategies complemented with AI.
Google AI chip
Google's scientists developed a reinforcement learning system that can design floorplans for AI chips. The achievement shows proves how humans and AI can collaborate together.
Remote healthcare
In the era of smart cities, taking on public health and the accessibility of healthcare is a different game. Now, advanced technologies stand to play roles in implementing...
deepmind alphacode
This article is part of our reviews of AI research papers, a series of posts that explore the latest findings in artificial intelligence. DeepMind is the...
natural and digital brain
Image credit: 123RF "And may their illusions rest in peace." Martha Ketro Many of us feel that life is accelerating, and we are...
Quantum computer
In a popular blog post titled “The Bitter Lesson,” Richard Sutton argues that AI’s progress has resulted from cheaper computation, not human design decisions based on problem-specific information.