ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge
The ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge will test the limits of reinforcement learning in solving task and motion planning problems.
Adversarial examples machine learning
A new technique uses unsupervised learning and explanability techniques to detect adversarial examples
online payment
By Kamran Hedjri By the latter stages of 2021, a semblance of normality had returned to the purchasing behaviors of consumers. However, the surge in...
meta openai deepmind
Meta's move to make large language models transparent has undeniable benefits. But LLMs are inherently undemocratic.
deepmind alphatensor
DeepMind AlphaTensor shows how the right combination of human and artificial intelligence can find solutions to complicated problems.
ai cloud customer service
AI tools like GPT-3 are capable of reading and understanding what an entire customer base is saying and becoming their best advocate. 
Data points
Find the 5 best data analytics conferences you can attend this year. Get access to industry-leading knowledge from various experts by getting into these conferences.
FCC decision to gut net neutrality rules is endangering the cryptocurrency market. Here's how the community is fighting back.
The honeypot is one of the most tried-and-true tactics in both law enforcement and espionage. It also has a long history in cybersecurity. Say hello to HoneyBot.
With a monopoly on wired broadband home internet there may be a solid case for net neutrality regulations, but 5G networks are poised to disrupt the whole equation.