FCC decision to gut net neutrality rules is endangering the cryptocurrency market. Here's how the community is fighting back.
The honeypot is one of the most tried-and-true tactics in both law enforcement and espionage. It also has a long history in cybersecurity. Say hello to HoneyBot.
With a monopoly on wired broadband home internet there may be a solid case for net neutrality regulations, but 5G networks are poised to disrupt the whole equation.
AI AlphaStar StarCraft II
AlphaStar, an AI developed by Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind, bested human players in famous real-time strategy game StarCraft II. Here's why it's a milestone achievement for the artificial intelligence industry.
While it’s not safe to make predictions about whether China will successfully push the US to the second position in the AI industry, it's evident that China is putting its best chip forward when it comes to AI.
Black piggy bank
Global occurrences of money laundering are on the rise. With every new regulation put in place to combat financial crimes, criminals develop ever more sophisticated workarounds, forcing financial institutions (FIs) to come up with new...
college students
By Carolina and Claudia Recchi While Generation Z is more aware and vocal about their overall wellness, their comfort level of sharing any struggles is more often displayed when behind a screen. In a world where...
In light of the pandemic, small and medium enterprises are having a hard time. With the help of peer-to-peer lending, these businesses could soon turn a corner. By Luke...
deep learning
Deep learning is not magic and out of reach. It’s the composition of small and simple components that together can perform remarkable feats.
waabi self-driving car
Waabi, a Toronto-based self-driving car startup that has come out of stealth with $83.5 million in funding provides hints at where the industry is headed.