alexa smart speaker ai assistant
To outsmart smart assistants, you need to get to know the history, strengths, and limitations of artificial intelligence—and how to use it to get ahead.
AI incident database
The AI Incident Database is a comprehensive collection of incidents in which AI systems have caused harm in the real world.
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming – and resistance is futile. Here are the GDPR requirements that enterprises can fulfill by working with startups.
By Andrew Magliozzi, AdmitHub Remember how much we talked about college when we were in high school? Teachers emphasized it; colleges sent ambassadors to talk to our classes; we even had a counselor whose entire job...
microsoft openai gpt-3 license
Microsoft's exclusive license to OpenAI's GPT-3 language model can boost the AI lab's search for a viable business model. It can also break it.
Scientists are very much interested in teaching AI to play games like chess, Go, poker and video games. Here's why it matters.
AI's capabilities go way beyond autonomous vehicles when it comes to transportation.
Adversarial example time bomb
We are still learning how to cope with adversarial machine learning. Security researchers are used to perusing code for vulnerabilities. Now they must learn to find security holes in AI systems composed of millions of numerical parameters.
If you haven’t heard about the ongoing encryption showdown that has pitted tech giant Apple against the FBI, you’re probably not living on planet Earth. But here’s a quick breakdown: The involved parties are at...
text grammar error checker
Grammarly has found a niche suitable for the narrow capabilities of deep learning, and grown itself from a small app into the leading AI-based grammar checker.