cybersecurity in healthcare
By Musheer Ahmed Criminals are getting smarter and the healthcare industry is no exception. In 2021 alone, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered more than...
Tech companies are facing a backlash from the negative effects of their products and services. Will they fix them before their damages become irreparable?
The apparent infighting at AI research lab DeepMind shows why it's wrong to mingle commercial and scientific AI.
Human failure is the single biggest contributing factor to security incidents, hacks and data breaches. Social engineers, cybercriminals that invest in human errors rather than technical vulnerabilities, are always on the lookout for exclusive opportunities...
As we continue to chase the dream of fully autonomous vehicles, the technology we develop can solve smaller yet no less important problems, such as automating the operation of forklifts in industrial settings.
Data analysis
Think about the last time you heard an entrepreneur speaking regretfully about a business failure. Many people who go through such circumstances admit they never saw it coming and wish they'd done things differently to...
Amazon iRobot acquisition
Amazon's acquisition of iRobot is a win-win for both companies, but indicates the further consolidation of robotics industry in big tech.
GitHub Copilot microsoft openai
Copilot, a source code generator developed by GitHub and OpenAI, provides interesting hints about the future directions of the software industry and the business of large language models.
ad optimization reinforcement learning
Reinforcement learning enables ad agencies to make billions of dollars by optimizing ads for viewers and maximizing click-through rates.
With the help of machine learning, companies can remove the frustrating elements of business travel that often force employ to "go rogue" on company protocols.