Google Stadia booth at GDC 2019
The brand new Google Stadia cloud gaming service is officially coming on November 19. For the first time after the unexpected Match announcement, Google has finally released some more details about their “future gaming beta.” The...
coronavirus (covid-19)
Data science and machine learning might be two of the most effective weapons we have in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.
Running your own business is a dream. Here's how to protect it while it's still most vulnerable.
Addiction pills
The increasing personalization of technology and our ability to share and analyze large quantities of data are helping to uncover new solutions to helping addicts through the treatment and recovery process.
laptops teamwork
Users today want content that’s customized to their interests with features that create an enhanced experience. User experience (UX) has never been more critical to engagement, but unlocking the internet will require more than 5G...
virtual reality headset
By Paul McNeil Many viewed the coronavirus pandemic as the opportunity for the virtual reality industry to finally take off, perhaps even replace smartphones, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had predicted not long ago. And to...
  By Alan O’Herlihy, Everseen   It’s easy to point to Amazon’s lack of experience in brick-and-mortar retail as an explanation for the difficulties it’s facing as it tries to launch Amazon Go. Retail is not for the...
deep learning cyber threat detection
The combination of binary visualization and machine learning is a powerful technique that can provide new solutions to old problems. It is showing promise in cybersecurity, but it could also be applied to other domains.
By Luke Fitzpatrick Image credit: 123RF Tech conferences are becoming one of the most attractive venues to learn about the latest innovations in emerging sectors, including...
Robot arm writing
Google's new chatbot Meena is the largest artificial intelligence language model released to date. The results are impressive, but has it moved the needle on natural language understanding?