Samsung galaxy watch
In our world, there are now dozens upon dozens of smartwatches to choose from. The two major brand names that literally are placed in a league of their...
Edifier W820NB Plus
Edifier W820NB Plus provides excellent noise cancellation, superior sound quality, and long battery life
dive into data science
"Dive Into Data Science" is an introductory book that provides the right mix of theory and practice on data science and machine learning with Python.
brain puzzle ai common sense
"Machines Like Us" argues that the artificial intelligence community needs to revisit symbolic reasoning to solve AI's "common sense" problem.
human-centered AI
In his latest book, Ben Shneiderman, computer science professor at the University of Maryland explains why humans should be at the center of AI efforts.
It's not the robot apocalypse or mass unemployment we should be afraid of. Artificial intelligence algorithms are already causing much harm.
Garmin Venu Sq
At $200, this Garmin fitness tracker delivers all your health and fitness data alongside decent smartwatch features
A highly underrated topic of discussion is how to choose the right keyboard to buy. Yes, it may seem like nothing important, but as we sit behind our...
By Paul McNeil As mobile phones are advancing more and more these days, so is the industry of ear buds and head phones. These phones also demand our attention, while the world around us becoming more...
pamu slide mini
Choosing the best wireless earphones and earbuds is truly one of those difficult choices especially with the market being literally flooded with a large variety of options. Sound...