smart home internet of things iot
As your home becomes smarter and more connected, you're also more vulnerable to privacy cybersecurity threats. Here's how you can protect yourself.
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As a business owner, it’s really difficult to keep up with all the different ways technology can help your endeavors. You take the time to carefully evaluate software options, make a purchase, and get everything...
Cloud storages have become widely used these days, but without proper encryption, your data can fall into the wrong hands. Here's a possible solution.
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Here's how you can enjoy the convenience of Google Docs while also keeping your documents secure.
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The mathematics of machine learning is complicated. But it can become pleasant if you know where to start your learning journey.
By 2020, Software as a Service (SaaS) will have conquered nearly all of the applications of 73 percent of organizations. But what is it really and how to choose a good SaaS vendor.
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With over a billion websites in the world, are you doing what is required to separate your site from the pack? Online success is entirely possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. In order to draw...
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Technology is here to stay, and it continues to advance and grow all the time. Because of its prominent place in the world, it can seem like today’s...
How to protect against ransomware: a detailed 5-level plan to prepare for the worst case scenario.
mobile app development
MBaaS, also known as mobile-backend-as-a-service, was introduced as a tool for facilitating mobile app development, especially for app developers who are faced with time restrictions. MBaaS platforms provide developers with tools to build robust mobile apps...