chatgpt coding
ChatGPT is not a replacement for coding skills. But if used right, it can amplify your programming immensely.
As the world's population ages, how can we make sure older people can continue to use our tech products, websites, software and online services?
machine learning security for developers
Even easy-to-use machine learning systems come with their own challenges. Among them is the threat of adversarial attacks, one of the important concerns of ML applications.
php source code
Malware. Data breaches. Breaking and entering. Is your company protected against all of these threats? If not, you certainly at risk. Every day, the world of technology and business evolves, and with the threats that face...
We all know how smart devices and various other gadgets, especially smartphones, have changed our very lives. In today’s world living without a smartphone has become next to...
Surely, you've already heard about Signal the messaging app. But are you familiar with all its settings and functionality?
NetGalley data breach tweets
The NetGalley data breach was bad to begin with. Twitter users made it worse with their careless posting.
llama on your own server
If you want to quickly prototype an open-source language models, one of the best options is to launch an LLM API server to integrate with your existing code.
Kanye's visit to the White House and his highly publicized password blunder made clear how important cybersecurity awareness is and how much we still need to do.
Apple AirPods
By Luke Fitzpatrick Image Credit: Pixabay Apple AirPods are incredibly reliable and give users as much quality sound as they need. Unfortunately, many users will run into...