As technology evolves, so does the way we do business around the globe — but as the world continues to become more digital, computer hackers continue to come up with new ways to steal our...
Encrypted Computer Data
The thrill and excitement of starting your new venture can shake your focus on the most pivotal aspect of your site, i.e., site security. Site security is essential to keep cyber-criminals away from your website. 
Scammers are trying to turn Initial Coin Offerings into their havens. This is how you can avoid falling for fraudulent token sales.
AI articles
Most AI pitches miss the key points they must highlight. Here are a few tips to help you make your pitch more compelling.
Your guide to the landscape of open-source LLMs that offer commercial usage rights.
Hopefully, one day, the internet will return to its decentralized glory. But in the interim, here's how you can protect your business against the threats of the centralized internet.
Remote work
Our digital landscape is still developing. One result of this is a rich variety of career opportunities. The sector is not expected to diminish any time soon. The...
business meeting
By Jeff Broth When the productivity of your employees skyrockets, there’s a good chance that your revenue will too. You’d be able to double or triple your output. You can avoid having to hire more people. And...
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
The rising instances of compromised credentials and weak passwords have pushed organizations to incorporate multi-factor authentication (MFA) into their platforms, adding extra security layers. However, over a few years, cybercriminals have found loopholes in the current MFA security practices for exploiting customer information and sensitive business details. And one of the most prominent threats to MFA is the MFA fatigue attack. This article hightlights the aspects of MFA fatigue attacks and helpful measures to ensure robust authentication security.
Using the wrong sharing settings in Google Docs can make your sensitive information accessible to anyone. Here's how to protect your privacy.