computer vision object detection
Convolutional neural networks (CNN), or ConvNets, have become the cornerstone of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. Their capabilities and limits are an interesting study of where AI stands today.
machine learning membership inference
Membership inference attacks can detect examples used to train machine learning models even after those examples have been discarded.
AI winter
In the past, unfulfilled promises in artificial intelligence caused a decline in interest and funding, also known as AI winter. The question is, will it happen again?
neural networks
In a new NeurIPS paper, Geoffrey Hinton introduced the “forward-forward algorithm,” a new learning algorithm for artificial neural networks inspired by the brain.
starfield data cluster
The two main types of machine learning categories are supervised and unsupervised learning. In this post, we examine their key features and differences.
machine learning dimensionality reduction
Dimensionality reduction slashes the costs of machine learning and sometimes makes it possible to solve complicated problems with simpler models.
computer vision object detection
Computer vision enables computers to understand the content of images and videos. It is one of the main bridges between the physical and digital worlds.
reinforcement learning from human feedback
Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) is the technique that has made ChatGPT very impressive. But there is more to RLHF that large language models (LLM).