Why AR headsets are the true home for AI assistants

AI assistants are having a hard time gaining mass adoption on smartphones and computers. But on augmented reality headsets, they will become one of the main ways we interact with applications and our environment.

How do you authenticate and connect billions of IoT devices?

Alex Momot, Founder and CEO of REMME, shares insights on the opportunities and challenges of IoT and which direction the industry should take.

Ruiz: Democratizing artificial intelligence and deep learning

AI will transform our world and the businesses leading the future, but only if it is easily accessible to everyone

Kaufmann: Cracking the brain code and creating true AI

Kaufmann, cofounder of Starmind, talks about the current progress of artificial intelligence, how the human brain works and what it takes to create human-grade AI.

Only AI can judge me

Technology can do wonders for society, but are we allowing it to go too far? Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing but beware the perils.

The Wizard of Oz: How bad AI marketing created human bots

AI companies can't live up to their promises. That's why they hire humans to fill the gaps artificial intelligence leaves behind.

6 ways technology both helps and hurts our mental health

People often bring up technology as a factor that exacerbates current mental health issues and potentially creates new ones, but it can also help those with mental health needs.

Artificial Intelligence may soon replace drug testing on animals—well, at least...

Animal tests are an integral part of modern-day drug and chemical compounds development and approval procedures. But Artificial Intelligence may soon replace a lot of it!

Logistical challenges and blockchain solutions

Supply chains are fundamental to the industry but their current inefficiencies make them ripe for disruption. Here's is one of the areas that blockchain technology can help.

Why it makes sense to run digital ads on the blockchain

Can blockchain's transparent and distributed nature solve the opacity, unfairness and hostility that haunts the digital ads industry?

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How to check the privacy and security of your Google Chrome...

There are tens of thousands of Chrome extensions for virtually every need. How do you make sure they're safe and your privacy and security don't get compromised?

How to protect against ransomware

How to protect against ransomware: a detailed 5-level plan to prepare for the worst case scenario.

How to choose a SaaS provider: Key questions you should ask...

By 2020, Software as a Service (SaaS) will have conquered nearly all of the applications of 73 percent of organizations. But what is it really and how to choose a good SaaS vendor.