How emerging technology is changing the face of home healthcare

Several major classes of technology stand a good chance of changing health care as we know it. Home health care, in particular, could see tremendous benefits from digital breakthroughs like the Internet of Things, more advanced medical-minded wearables, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Inside DARPA’s effort to create explainable artificial intelligence

DARPA's XAI initiative aims to shed light inside the black box of artificial intelligence algorithms. Project Manager Dave Gunning explains how the agency is working to create explainable AI tools that will build trust and reliability into AI models.

Explainable AI: Interpreting the neuron soup of deep learning

Boston University's Kate Saenko discusses explainable AI and interpreting decisions made by deep learning algorithms and neural networks.

How do you authenticate and connect billions of IoT devices?

Alex Momot, Founder and CEO of REMME, shares insights on the opportunities and challenges of IoT and which direction the industry should take.

Major cybersecurity breaches and data leaks in 2018; business as usual

Another year, another streak of data leaks and cybersecurity breaches. But the myriad of threats and a growing number of attack vectors must not transform us into numb lemmings.

The biggest artificial intelligence developments of 2018

2018 was a year of reckoning for the AI industry. In parallel to technological developments, there was ample focus on the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence technology.

The security threats of neural networks and deep learning algorithms

Deep learning and neural networks brought artificial intelligence into practical domains. But like other life-changing technologies, they also introduced their own unique cybersecurity threats. Here's what we know.

How 2018 became Facebook’s worst year in privacy and security

Facebook's recent vulnerability is just one of the many privacy and security scandals the company has faced in 2018. Do Facebook's struggles mean it's doing a sloppy job at securing its platform?

Why we need more people to get interested in STEM careers

People with STEM backgrounds are well-equipped for current and future roles in the workforce. It's time to become more dedicated than ever about getting people interested in pursuing STEM for their career paths.

The challenges of moderating online content with deep learning

This week Tumblr declared it will be using artificial intelligence to block adult content on its platform. What are the challenges of AI-based content moderation?

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We need a new mindset to keep up with cyber...

Kanye's visit to the White House and his highly publicized password blunder made clear how important cybersecurity awareness is and how much we still need to do.

Designing for the aging population

As the world's population ages, how can we make sure older people can continue to use our tech products, websites, software and online services?

How to check the privacy and security of your Google Chrome...

There are tens of thousands of Chrome extensions for virtually every need. How do you make sure they're safe and your privacy and security don't get compromised?