The complicated world of AI consciousness

In "Artificial You," scientist Susan Schneider discusses the challenges and implications of conscious artificial intelligence.

GoPractice Simulator: A unique way to learn product management

GoPractice CEO and founder Oleg Yakubenkov discusses how he created a unique product management simulator course.

Yubico’s 12-year quest to secure online accounts

Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and co-founder of Yubico, explains how the authentication space has evolved in the past 12 years.

Deep Medicine: How AI will transform the doctor-patient relationship

Artificial intelligence provides a unique opportunity to give back the gift of time to doctors and patients.

How AI and predictive analytics eliminate costly IT downtime

By Cuneyt Buyukbezci Increasing automation and digitization is inevitable. More companies are transferring their operations to IT systems, and more of these...

Hands-on Machine Learning: excellent book, if you know the basics

Hands-on Machine Learning, 2nd Edition, is a perfect resource for developers who already have a background in Python data science and machine learning.

How to trick deep learning algorithms into doing new things

Black-box adversarial reprogramming can repurpose neural networks for new tasks without having full access to the deep learning model.

Remote work: Securing the home network during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Zoltan Balazs and Leonardas Marozas The recent world crisis has significantly changed how people work nowadays. In the past, only a...

What is adversarial machine learning?

Adversarial examples are slight manipulations that cause machine learning algorithms to misclassify images while going unnoticed to the human eye.

AI’s struggle to reach “understanding” and “meaning”

Computer scientist Melanie Mitchell breaks down the key elements that could allow artificial intelligence algorithms to grasp the "meaning" of things.

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How organizations can manage device security with remote workers

By Luke Fitzpatrick One of the biggest consequences of COVID-19 for enterprises beyond 2020 will be the acceleration of the trend to...

How to choose between rule-based AI and machine learning

By Elana Krasner Companies across industries are exploring and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) projects, from big data to robotics, to automate business...

Google Drive security: How to protect your documents in the cloud

These tips will help you avoid the security and privacy traps of using Google Drive for cloud storage and document sharing.