Mixcder E10: Budget headphone with great noise-cancellation, 3-D sound

The Mixcder E10 headphone provides active noise canceling and 3D sound at an affordable price.

GoPractice Simulator: A unique way to learn product management

GoPractice CEO and founder Oleg Yakubenkov discusses how he created a unique product management simulator course.

Yubico’s 12-year quest to secure online accounts

Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and co-founder of Yubico, explains how the authentication space has evolved in the past 12 years.

Deep Medicine: How AI will transform the doctor-patient relationship

Artificial intelligence provides a unique opportunity to give back the gift of time to doctors and patients.

Edge computing vs cloud: Which is more efficient?

By Anzhela Sychyk Cloud computing provides us with the opportunity to store, manage, and analyze information on remote data servers. At the...

How blockchain regulations will change in 2020

By Andrey Sergeenkov As 2018 drew to a close, crypto skeptics were ready to write obituaries after the devastating bear market that...

What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning?

The two main types of machine learning categories are supervised and unsupervised learning. In this post, we examine their key features and differences.

How learning opportunities can add more value for gig economy workers

By Aldona Limani The rise of the gig economy continues apace. According to a study by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and...

2020s: The decade artificial intelligence will dominate

By Asheesh Mehra Isaac Asimov, roboticist and science fiction writer, predicted in his novel I, Robot in 1950 that robots and artificial...

Artificial intelligence: Does another huge language model prove anything?

Google's new chatbot Meena is the largest artificial intelligence language model released to date. The results are impressive, but has it moved the needle on natural language understanding?

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Cybersecurity best practices for 2020

As technology evolves, so does the way we do business around the globe — but as the world continues to become...

How technology can keep your business secure, online and offline

Malware. Data breaches. Breaking and entering. Is your company protected against all of these threats? If not, you certainly at risk. Every...

How to grow your company in times of gig economy and...

By Lukasz Karwacki Companies face many challenges in their mission to grow. One of them relates to recruitment, or more precisely,...