Combating climate change with code

The IT industry consumes 3-5% of the world's electricity and you would be amazed how much negative impact badly coded software could have on it!

Explainable AI: Interpreting the neuron soup of deep learning

Boston University's Kate Saenko discusses explainable AI and interpreting decisions made by deep learning algorithms and neural networks.

How do you authenticate and connect billions of IoT devices?

Alex Momot, Founder and CEO of REMME, shares insights on the opportunities and challenges of IoT and which direction the industry should take.

Ruiz: Democratizing artificial intelligence and deep learning

AI will transform our world and the businesses leading the future, but only if it is easily accessible to everyone

Applying blockchain for eGovernment

There is significant interest in many countries in the potential of blockchain for government services, both in terms of cutting costs and for building trust and transparency. And, indeed, there already are many compelling pilot projects around the world.

Facebook hack proves we need new user authentication methods

Facebook's recent hack highlights the inherent flaws of authentication methods that give unlimited access to online accounts after a single login.

Understanding the AI cloud

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the latest trend that is gradually conquering the cloud.

Why security token offerings (STO) can be the next big crypto...

ICOs as a method of funding face face a multitude of shorcomings. STOs are the natural evolution that help mitigate a number of ICOs' limitations.

What is explainable artificial intelligence?

Explainable AI helps peer into the black box of neural networks and deep learning algorithms, an important requirement for using automation in many domains.

Why Verizon’s 5G Home may have killed the need for net...

With a monopoly on wired broadband home internet there may be a solid case for net neutrality regulations, but 5G networks are poised to disrupt the whole equation.

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Designing for the aging population

As the world's population ages, how can we make sure older people can continue to use our tech products, websites, software and online services?

How to check the privacy and security of your Google Chrome...

There are tens of thousands of Chrome extensions for virtually every need. How do you make sure they're safe and your privacy and security don't get compromised?

How to protect against ransomware

How to protect against ransomware: a detailed 5-level plan to prepare for the worst case scenario.