How AI can enhance drone flight

Using neural networks and machine learning, researchers at Boston University have developed a state-of-the-art controller system for drones.

Robust AI: Protecting neural networks against adversarial attacks

Deep learning and neural networks are becoming increasingly accurate at performing complicated tasks. But are they robust as well. Researchers at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have developed methods to evaluate the robustness of neural networks against adversarial examples.

Inside DARPA’s effort to create explainable artificial intelligence

DARPA's XAI initiative aims to shed light inside the black box of artificial intelligence algorithms. Project Manager Dave Gunning explains how the agency is working to create explainable AI tools that will build trust and reliability into AI models.

Explainable AI: Interpreting the neuron soup of deep learning

Boston University's Kate Saenko discusses explainable AI and interpreting decisions made by deep learning algorithms and neural networks.

What is reinforcement learning?

From game-playing bots to robotic hands that dexterously handle objects, reinforcement learning creates AI models that requires little training data.

How artificial intelligence is improving data centers

Artificial intelligence is leaving its mark in many domains, on of them being data centers, where AI algorithms are cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Mitigating technology risk through ethics

In world dominated by artificial intelligence, not all possibilities can be simulated or tested. That's why we need an ethical framework to help the developers and the recipients of AI systems to evaluate their reliability.

Artificial intelligence created filter bubbles. Now it’s helping to fight it.

AI algorithms that personalize online news feeds created filter bubbles. Now one company wants to use the same technology to help us fight it.

Will China succeed in its artificial intelligence ambitions?

While it’s not safe to make predictions about whether China will successfully push the US to the second position in the AI industry, it's evident that China is putting its best chip forward when it comes to AI.

4 reasons Google’s on-device AI is very important

At I/O 2019, Google declared its Assistant will perform its AI computation on user's devices instead of sending data to the cloud. Here's why it's a big deal.

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Do publicly shared Google Docs reveal your identity?

Google Docs link-sharing enables users to share their files with the public. Can the owner of the publicly shared Google Docs collect information about visitors?

3 things you’ll need to protect yourself against advanced ransomware

Ransomware is more advanced than ever - and it shows no signs of slowing. Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself and your business.

How to survive the centralized internet

Hopefully, one day, the internet will return to its decentralized glory. But in the interim, here's how you can protect your business against the threats of the centralized internet.