Stanford reinforcement learning system simulates evolution

A new reinforcement learning framework developed by AI researchers at Stanford simulates evolution.

Inside Mailchimp’s push to bring AI to content marketing

Mailchimp has released a new AI tool to provide recommendations for email marketing campaigns. It might be its most impactful foray into AI content marketing.

Abductive inference: The blind spot of artificial intelligence

In his book, "The Myth of Artificial Intelligence," computer scientist Erik Larson discusses how widely publicized misconceptions have led AI research down narrow paths that are limiting innovation and scientific discoveries.

What AI researchers can learn from the self-assembling brain

The Self-Assembling Brain, a book by neurobiology professor Peter Robin Hiesinger, sheds light on a largely ignored aspect of intelligence.

What are graph neural networks (GNN)?

Graph neural networks (GNN) are a type of machine learning algorithm that can extract important information from graphs and make useful predictions.

Why Facebook’s outage should be a wake-up call for internet services

By Jake Madders The recent widespread Facebook outage has highlighted the...

DeepMind becomes profitable—and more enmeshed in Google’s business

DeepMind has finally become profitable. But it is also becoming inextricably tied to its parent company Google.

Reinforcement learning improves game testing, EA’s AI team finds

Adversarial reinforcement learning can help automate large parts of testing game environments for bugs and playability issues, EA's AI research team finds.

Amazon’s Astro robot: A feat of science or a successful product?

Amazon’s Astro robot packs a lot of interesting technology. But a successful product is more than a nice-looking robot with tried-and-tested applications.

Nvidia, University of Toronto are making robotics research available to small...

New research by Nvidia and University of Toronto promises to make robotics research available to resource-constrained organizations.

What to do when only one of your AirPods is working

By Luke Fitzpatrick Image Credit: Pixabay Apple AirPods are incredibly reliable and give...

A developer’s guide to machine learning security

Even easy-to-use machine learning systems come with their own challenges. Among them is the threat of adversarial attacks, one of the important concerns of ML applications.

The dos and don’ts of machine learning research

Machine learning research and product development present several challenges that, if not addressed, can steer your project in the wrong direction. These tips will help you avoid these pitfalls.