Should the AI industry fear the coming of GDPR?

GDPR will put a lot of strain on the data-hungry algorithms of artificial intelligence companies. Is this the end of AI innovations?

Ruiz: Democratizing artificial intelligence and deep learning

AI will transform our world and the businesses leading the future, but only if it is easily accessible to everyone

Kaufmann: Cracking the brain code and creating true AI

Kaufmann, cofounder of Starmind, talks about the current progress of artificial intelligence, how the human brain works and what it takes to create human-grade AI.

Rob High: The future of AI-powered chatbots

IBM Watson's CTO describes the opportunities, prospects and challenges that lie ahead for artificial intelligence–powered chatbots

Extended reality shows promise in multiple industries

Augmented, mixed, and virtual reality (AR/VR/MR), collectively know as extended reality (XR), will transform our lives in previously unimaginable ways.

Why should cloud companies care about blockchain?

Blockchain is a threat to the business models of companies like Google. So why should they become engaged in it?

The challenges of IoT and what lies ahead

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting technologies of our time, but challenges are huge.

The importance of GDPR for organizations

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will increase the rights of EU citizens over how their personal data is collected and stored and companies need to conform to EU's new privacy policies or face huge fines.

Why we should focus on weak artificial intelligence for the moment

By directing too much attention to strong AI (or general AI), we're neglecting the opportunities—and threats—that weak AI (or narrow AI) presents.

Blockchain for Social Good—Reinventing 911

911 is an antiquated system that has not improved since the 1960's. With the growth of blockchain innovation, the cloud and the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s time we did a full rethink of what an emergency grid can be.

What is algorithmic bias?

We thought AI algorithms never become racist or sexist. We were wrong. They can inherit our prejudices and amplify them manifold.

What is natural language processing and generation (NLP/NLG)?

NLP and NLG, the two branches of AI that parse and generate human language, have removed many of the barriers between humans and computers.

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