Large language models have a reasoning problem

According to a research paper by scientists at UCLA, transformers, the deep learning architectures used in LLMs, don’t learn to emulate reasoning functions.

A gentle introduction to model-free and model-based reinforcement learning

Neuroscientist Daeyeol Lee discusses different modes of reinforcement learning in humans and animals, AI and natural intelligence, and future directions of research.

DataRobot’s vision to democratize machine learning with no-code AI

Nenshad Bardoliwalla, chief product officer at DataRobot, discusses challenges machine learning in different sectors and how no-code platforms are helping democratize AI.

Inside Mailchimp’s push to bring AI to content marketing

Mailchimp has released a new AI tool to provide recommendations for email marketing campaigns. It might be its most impactful foray into AI content marketing.

All roads lead to AGI, or do they?

The new culture of Silicon Valley bring some of the brightest people to work on some defunct theory of the mind instead of solving a real problem and create real value for customers.

What Hugging Face and Microsoft’s collaboration means for applied AI

Hugging Face launched Endpoints on Azure in collaboration with Microsoft. But creating a business around transformers presents challenges that favor large tech companies and put companies like Hugging Face at a disadvantage.

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Machine learning has a backdoor problem

A new research paper highlights the threats of undetectable backdoors in machine learning models.

Mitigating ESG risk in AI systems through AI quality

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Is it time to change your smartwatch or fitness tracker?

We all know how smart devices and various other gadgets, especially smartphones, have changed...

8 best tech podcasts

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