Architects of Intelligence: A reflection on the now and future of AI

In "Architects of Intelligence: The Truth about AI from the People Building it," Martin Ford answers many questions about artificial intelligence, and leaves us with many more.

GoPractice Simulator: A unique way to learn product management

GoPractice CEO and founder Oleg Yakubenkov discusses how he created a unique product management simulator course.

Yubico’s 12-year quest to secure online accounts

Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and co-founder of Yubico, explains how the authentication space has evolved in the past 12 years.

Deep Medicine: How AI will transform the doctor-patient relationship

Artificial intelligence provides a unique opportunity to give back the gift of time to doctors and patients.

Technology’s role in fighting drug addiction

The increasing personalization of technology and our ability to share and analyze large quantities of data are helping to uncover new solutions to helping addicts through the treatment and recovery process.

Is Alexa after your job? How to embrace AI—and get ahead

To outsmart smart assistants, you need to get to know the history, strengths, and limitations of artificial intelligence—and how to use it to get ahead.

What is neuromorphic computing?

To create better artificial intelligence hardware, researchers have been drawing inspiration from the brain. The result is neuromorphic chips, which have grown in popularity in the past years.

What social media is doing to marriage—and divorce—in the U.S.

Social media may not be the reason your marriage lost its spark. However, its role might be more prominent than we’d like to believe.

In the age of AI, learning and development will protect the...

As AI continues to disrupt the employment landscape, implementing sufficient learning and development strategies will help safeguard the workforce.

Reinforcement learning helped robots solve Rubik’s Cube—does it matter?

OpenAI created a robotic hand that solves the Rubik's Cube. It's an interesting feat, but not a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

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Are your Google Docs secure?

Here's how you can enjoy the convenience of Google Docs while also keeping your documents secure.

How to prep your bitcoin investments for the end of 2019

How to deal with your bitcoin investments and earnings as you get ready for tax filing season.

Tips for digitally transforming your communication strategies

Digital transformation is, at its core, a foundational shift in the ways that a business perceives and uses technology. Although the...