gig economy remote worker
By Lukasz Karwacki Companies face many challenges in their mission to grow. One of them relates to recruitment, or more precisely, to the cultural changes that impact the needs and preferences of talents. Let’s make one...
mobile app development
MBaaS, also known as mobile-backend-as-a-service, was introduced as a tool for facilitating mobile app development, especially for app developers who are faced with time restrictions. MBaaS platforms provide developers with tools to build robust mobile apps...
website mockup design
With over a billion websites in the world, are you doing what is required to separate your site from the pack? Online success is entirely possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. In order to draw...
https encryption
Everything you need to know about the privacy benefits (and limits) of enabling DNS-over-HTTPS in Google Chrome.
Google search page on laptop screen
Everyone wants to improve their ranking in search engine results pages (SERP). The best way to achieve this is through search engine optimization (SEO), the process used to enhance your website's ranking in search engines. In...
laptop smartphone internet browsing
Google Chrome's Incognito window provides you with private browsing. But how far can you trust it?
google docs app icon
Here's how you can enjoy the convenience of Google Docs while also keeping your documents secure.
bitcoin gold coins
How to deal with your bitcoin investments and earnings as you get ready for tax filing season.
digital transformation
Digital transformation is, at its core, a foundational shift in the ways that a business perceives and uses technology. Although the true purpose of Digital Transformation (typically abbreviated to DX) has become clouded as the...
macbook laptop
Here are six ways of incorporating tech that can benefit every kind of company.