llama on your own server
If you want to quickly prototype an open-source language models, one of the best options is to launch an LLM API server to integrate with your existing code.
chatgpt coding
ChatGPT is not a replacement for coding skills. But if used right, it can amplify your programming immensely.
privateGPT local language model llm
Create a private ChatGPT that runs on your own computer and interacts with your documents without sending data to OpenAI's servers.
ai-generated images pope putin xi jinping
Advances in AI are making it easier to create fake images and video. Read all about how to detect deepfakes and other AI-generated media.
chatgpt llm document-aware chatbot
ChatGPT and other LLMs are limited to their training data. Here's how you can customize them with embeddings and your own documents.
Here's how to manage your team as your company grows and you hire new people.
large-scale ai
Developing AI products within large organizations is a completely different process than developing stand-alone solutions within start-ups or writing code for your Ph.D. work for that matter.
ab testing
It can be beneficial to think of nurturing your team’s morale and ambition as an ongoing A/B test for management. Here are a few strategies that can smooth the process.
Coworking office
By Luke Fitzpatrick Image source: 123RF Businesses always look for new ways to build employee engagement and improve workplace culture. Still, many need to realize the...
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
The rising instances of compromised credentials and weak passwords have pushed organizations to incorporate multi-factor authentication (MFA) into their platforms, adding extra security layers. However, over a few years, cybercriminals have found loopholes in the current MFA security practices for exploiting customer information and sensitive business details. And one of the most prominent threats to MFA is the MFA fatigue attack. This article hightlights the aspects of MFA fatigue attacks and helpful measures to ensure robust authentication security.