Remote work
Our digital landscape is still developing. One result of this is a rich variety of career opportunities. The sector is not expected to diminish any time soon. The...
Apple AirPods
By Luke Fitzpatrick Image Credit: Pixabay Apple AirPods are incredibly reliable and give users as much quality sound as they need. Unfortunately, many users will run into...
machine learning security for developers
Even easy-to-use machine learning systems come with their own challenges. Among them is the threat of adversarial attacks, one of the important concerns of ML applications.
machine learning challenges
Machine learning research and product development present several challenges that, if not addressed, can steer your project in the wrong direction. These tips will help you avoid these pitfalls.
Cloud security
By Guilherme Alvarenga By moving to the cloud, you have a powerful infrastructure that can scale up resources on-demand to meet all your traffic...
Google Drive security update 2021
Google Drive has made it harder for malicious actors to guess the URL of shared documents. But the link-sharing feature is still a privacy disaster.
content marketing
By Luke Fitzpatrick Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash For digital marketers, the coming of a new year comes with a chance to improve...
Google Translate
By Richard Koret Even if most of us can’t travel as we once did, the world is a more accessible place, at least online. Business...
work from home
By Deepak Gupta With millions of people working remotely amid the global pandemic, the work-from-home ecosystem is witnessing exponential growth in cyber-attacks. As per surveys,...
JavaScript machine learning deep learning
There are several benefits to learning machine learning with JavaScript. Privacy, mobile and web integration, and customization are a few.