Deep learning chest radiography
Google's new AI system can help detect abnormal chest x-rays from normal ones.
end user
Employees, not the employers, are now running the show. The age of end-user first SaaS is here, it’s either adapt or die.
deep learning cyber threat detection
The combination of binary visualization and machine learning is a powerful technique that can provide new solutions to old problems. It is showing promise in cybersecurity, but it could also be applied to other domains.
There’s a lot of excitement around what companies like Databricks can do for the enterprise AI market. But whether the huge valuation is justified or a byproduct of the hype surrounding the market remains to be seen.
By Jürgen Galler Predictive analytics is bringing smarter insights and better efficiency into many areas of our lives, even if we aren’t always aware of...
Adversarial examples machine learning
A new technique uses unsupervised learning and explanability techniques to detect adversarial examples
If you’re a software developer looking for pastures new, here are a few things to look for when considering working at a new company.
Boston Dynamic Atlas Parkour
A behind-the-scenes video of Boston Dynamics robot Atlas provides unique insights into the challenges of bipedal robotics.
robot thinking
By Joey Jia Every new technology brings with it questions of ethics and unintended consequences. It’s right to ask these questions, but it’s also important...
artificial general intelligence brain
By Charles Simon Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has become part of our daily lives. Just ask anyone who has ever played a...