By Luke Fitzpatrick Image credit: 123RF Tech conferences are becoming one of the most attractive venues to learn about the latest innovations in emerging sectors, including...
maonocaster e2 single mic bundle
As podcasting and live streaming is taking the world by storm, more people are looking for the necessary equipment that delivers professional quality. Maono is among the few...
brain half mechanical
Image credit: 123RF (with modification) This tale begins with a detour to the 1970s. At that time, Terry Winograd was at MIT and rapidly becoming a central figure in...
A study by researchers at Arizona State University shows large language models perform very poorly at tasks that require methodical planning.
natural and digital brain
Image credit: 123RF "And may their illusions rest in peace." Martha Ketro Many of us feel that life is accelerating, and we are...
BLOOM large language model
The open-source example that BLOOM has set can be very beneficial to the future of research in LLMs and AI. But some of the challenges that are inherent to large language models remain to be solved.
large language models logical reasoning
A new study by the University of Tokyo shows that with the right prompt, large language models can perform zero-shot reasoning.
github copilot microsoft openai
The public release of GitHub Copilot is an interesting case study in the development of successful products based on large language models.
Robotic hand
By Víctor Mayoral-Vilches When developing a robot, system integration consumes arguably the largest proportion of the project’s resources; much more so than developing the end...
large language model logical reasoning
According to a research paper by scientists at UCLA, transformers, the deep learning architectures used in LLMs, don’t learn to emulate reasoning functions.