LLM emergent abilities
A new study byStanford University suggests that the emergent abilities of large language models (LLM) are caused by a poor choice of evaluation metrics.
google io 2023 sundar pichai
At I/O 2023, Google showed that it can catch up with Microsoft/OpenAI in generative AI. But new markets are yet to emerge.
closed vs open source language models
Until recently, it seemed that big tech companies would monopolize the market for large language models. Open-source LLMs are changing that.
Automation robot
Mind the limitations and capabilities of AI from the very beginning, and beware of prototyping an “AI-based” product with a human behind a curtain. Otherwise, there might be no place for AI in such a product in the end.
microsoft openai
Three years later after investing in OpenAI, Microsoft has turned the partnership into a successful business with billions of dollars in profits.
privacy digital eye
By Shalu Jaiswal Image source: 123RF The digital world we live in has never been bigger and more influential. Many fundamental tasks and activities have moved...
commercial ai competition
From Amazon’s new AI products to the merger of Google Brain and DeepMind, here’s a recap of the latest developments in the AI arms race and their implications.
large language models clever hans
In the absence of critical analysis, any incidence of cognitive skills in a large language model is a manifestation of word probability patterns, nothing more.
chatgpt alternatives
All you need to know about LLaMA, Alpaca, Vicuna, and other open-source alternatives to ChatGPT, OpenAI's flagship large language model (LLM).
chatgpt agi
ChatGPT represents a major advance in self-learning AI. But to make the leap to AGI, researchers must shift their focus to biologically plausible systems.