Amazon Echo smart speaker
Smart speakers are firmly a part of everyday life. Research from eMarketer showed that 74.2 million people in the U.S. used smart speakers as of 2019, and the number exceeded 85 million in China. Additionally, Business...
hospital emergency room
As hospitals scramble to respond to the spread of coronavirus (covid-19), machine learning can help them in prioritizing high-risk patients.
gradient descent deep learning
At the AAAI 2020 ConferenceDeep learning pioneer Yann LeCun discussed the problems of supervised learning and possible solutions to make AI less data-hungry.
bad data
As a business owner, it is inevitable that you will be dealing with data. Data is one of the essential currencies that drives the business world. Whether it be sales figures or stock trends, a...
facial recognition
We live in an age where we have unprecedented access to almost any information we need. With the emergence of new technology like artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, big data and more, the human experience...
By Sunil Kumar Jha In recent times, organizations have been competing with one another to implement chatbots for various reasons, including enhancing customer experience, streamlining processes and fueling the demand for digital and innovative technologies. Cognitive...
deep learning computer code
Machine Learning A-Z probably won’t make you an AI and data science guru. But it will be an excellent first step in your journey to mastering machine learning, giving you a solid foundation to move on to more complicated tasks.
coronavirus (covid-19)
Data science and machine learning might be two of the most effective weapons we have in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.
robot carrying a stack of books
By Sergey Karayev  Artificial Intelligence is coming for education. But don’t panic. It’s not going to replace college faculty or teaching as we know it. It’s not a slippery slope. Instead, AI is going to give faculty superpowers,...
brain gears
Cognitive scientist Gary Marcus argues why hybrid artificial intelligence, the combination of neural networks and symbol manipulation, can create robust AI systems.