Brain thinking
If we look past the buzz and the puzzle of sentience, there’s another exciting discussion to have here. If a machine could speak, would we understand it?
philips medical imaging technology
Leading health tech organizations are finding solutions to mitigate the risks and barriers of adopting new technologies, and making sure patients, clinicians, and everyone involved in the care cycle can benefit from the latest innovations.
gpt-3 expressing uncertainty
A study by researchers at OpenAI and the University of Oxford shows large language models can be calibrated to express their uncertainty in their answers.
digital transformation data
By Dave Henderson Image credit: 123RF I’ve spent much of my career getting up close and personal with the technology challenges of clients. Early on, with...
applied machine learning
After a decade of investment, research, and development of tools, the barriers to enterprise AI are slowly fading.
modern warehouse with drones
Warehouse management has changed significantly in the past decade. The COVID-19 pandemic, greater consumer access to technology, and wider demand for delivery mean that firms like Amazon have...
large language models emerging abilities
A new study by researchers at Google, Stanford, DeepMind, and the University of North Carolina explores the emergent abilities of large language models as they become larger.
membership inference attacks deep reinforcement learning
A new study by researchers at McGill University, Mila, and the University of Waterloo highlights the privacy threats of deep reinforcement learning algorithms.
Amazon iRobot acquisition
Amazon's acquisition of iRobot is a win-win for both companies, but indicates the further consolidation of robotics industry in big tech.
By Luke Fitzpatrick Image credit: 123RF Tech conferences are becoming one of the most attractive venues to learn about the latest innovations in emerging sectors, including...