ad optimization reinforcement learning
Reinforcement learning enables ad agencies to make billions of dollars by optimizing ads for viewers and maximizing click-through rates.
artificial intelligence applications
AI probably won't replace humans by 2030, but it will handle some of today’s more routine chores with far greater efficiency and, with a bit of tinkering, some of today’s non-routine chores with greater aplomb
Apple self-driving car hyundai kia
We now have more details on Apple's self-driving car plans. And they're making the entire project more confusing.
AI in fighter cockpit
It is time to shift the conversation towards what really matters— acceptable use and protection of artificial intelligence systems.
artificial intelligence startup
AI startups build their success not on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms but on sound product strategies complemented with AI.
supply chain
When the coronavirus pandemic struck, it changed the ways we do business essentially overnight. Supply chains received the brunt of the impact, having to adapt to shifting consumer...
deep learning
Deep learning is not magic and out of reach. It’s the composition of small and simple components that together can perform remarkable feats.
GPT-3 applications products startups
OpenAI gives easy access to GPT-3. But building a successful product is more than just putting a nice user interface on the massive AI language model.
cybersecurity online accounts
By Patrick Coughlin While software is eating the world, it’s also siloing data along the way, stifling progress and innovation in the enterprise. Cybersecurity is...
microsoft self driving car
Microsoft's self-driving car strategy allows the company to solidify its position in AI and cloud while protecting it against fundamental changes in the SDC industry.