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Intelligent Automation is a decision to embark on a journey to do things differently, bringing design thinking, task automation, and eventually prescriptive analytics together to fundamentally transform a part of a business’s structure.
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AI scientist François Chollet unpacks the meaning of intelligence and how to measure the efficiency of artificial intelligence systems.
Entrepreneurs should take a cautious look beyond the hype surrounding blockchain and assess the true capabilities of the innovation at this early stage in its development. In theory, blockchain has enormous potential for business applications. However,...
Every great idea starts with a question. What if we were to…? How can we…? Why don’t we…? Sometimes, the problem (especially if you’re not a formally trained data scientist) is knowing what question to ask. And more importantly...
artificial neural networks
For the moment, AI researchers have a "bigger is better" mentality. But the tendency toward larger neural networks can be to the detriment of the field.
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The world is going bonkers over artificial intelligence and for all the right reasons. AI is almost at the helm of ruling the realm of marketing technology and it is here to stay for a...
Google Stadia booth at GDC 2019
The brand new Google Stadia cloud gaming service is officially coming on November 19. For the first time after the unexpected Match announcement, Google has finally released some more details about their “future gaming beta.” The...
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Society is in a data-intensive era of computing. Companies depend on big data platforms to reach conclusions in minutes that would take days without the help of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has also come into...
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Cybercriminals continue to disrupt current defense mechanisms through new methods by exploiting vulnerabilities, especially in the overlapping areas of machine and human interactions. Cybersecurity software has matured well in terms of reacting to breaches based...
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In "Architects of Intelligence: The Truth about AI from the People Building it," Martin Ford answers many questions about artificial intelligence, and leaves us with many more.