DiffSkill robotics deformable object manipulation
DiffSkill is a deep learning technique that makes robots much more stable at handling deformable objects.
human brains and AI
Why are we on the verge of creating a technology that will combine the computer with the human nervous system into a single complex? How will a person...
cybersecurity in healthcare
By Musheer Ahmed Criminals are getting smarter and the healthcare industry is no exception. In 2021 alone, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered more than...
macbook iphone
By Chris Pennington Brands are beginning to see the need to incorporate emotional intelligence into the customer experience. It is crucial to implement automation in...
arthur davidson gan faces
A law firm reached out to me with a DMCA infringement notice. What I found was an online scam run by GAN-generated lawyers.
tinyml object detection
FOMO is a deep learning object detection model that weighs less than 200 kilobytes.
openai dall-e 2
OpenAI's DALL-E 2 shows how far the AI research community has come toward harnessing the power of deep learning and addressing some of its limits.
ai in a jar
Rich Heimann explores how the philosophy of mind and consciousness has affected AI research.
temporal difference model predictive control reinforcement learning
Researchers at UCSD show that combining model-free and model-based reinforcement learning improves performance on control tasks.
human brain artificial intelligence cognitive science
By Rich Heimann How different would we think about artificial intelligence if AI pioneers Allen Newell and Herbert Simon had won support for the seemingly...