Voice Recognition Function On Mobile Phone
By Matt Muldoon Voice technology has been gaining steady popularity in recent years, from smart speakers in homes to voice control in cars. The COVID-19...
artificial general intelligence
Computer scientist Melanie Mitchell lays out four fallacies that have led to overpromising and underdelivering in artificial intelligence.
self-driving car industry consolidation
Toyota's acquisition of Lyft's self-driving car division is part of a bigger trend of driverless car projects being consolidated in big tech or automotive companies.
ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge
The ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge will test the limits of reinforcement learning in solving task and motion planning problems.
collaborative robots
By Ian Ferguson There is increasing excitement surrounding the seamless integration of robots in automation and Industry 4.0 strategies. However, we are a long way...
microsoft nuance acquisition
Microsoft's acquisition of conversational AI company Nuance will put it in a dominating position in healthcare and beyond.
John Krafcik Waymo CEO
Waymo's new leadership lineup suggests that the company has acknowledged that the “fully self-driving cars are here” narrative is a bit fallacious.
PACD data poisoning
A new research paper shows that machine learning systems can fail against adversarial examples even if they have been trained with randomized smoothing techniques.
boston dynamics stretch robot
Boston Dynamics's new robot Stretch is boring in comparison to the company's previous achievements. But it can be the product that turns the research lab into a profitable company.
autonomous robots adversarial training
Adversarial training secures neural networks against adversarial attacks. But in robotics applications, it can decrease safety, research shows.