data science
Data science is a popular and lucrative profession, and despite pandemic-era slowdowns, it’s still one of the sexiest jobs around. As businesses seek to employ the power of...
Reinforcement learning supply chain
By Chris Nicholson Deep reinforcement learning—where machines learn by testing the consequences of their actions—is one of the most promising and impactful areas of artificial...
Aurora Innovation self-driving trucks
Self-driving car startup Aurora will go public in a reverse merger with Reinvent Technology Partners Y, a SPAC, with a risky promise to deliver self-driving trucks.
openai codex
A new paper on OpenAI's Codex model sheds much-needed light on how far you can trust deep learning in programming.
rewards artificial intelligence nature
Scientist and author Herbert Roitblat provides an alternate view on DeepMind's "Reward is enough" paper.
GitHub Copilot microsoft openai
Copilot, a source code generator developed by GitHub and OpenAI, provides interesting hints about the future directions of the software industry and the business of large language models.
Yoshua Bengio Geoffrey Hinton Yann LeCun deep learning
Deep learning pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yann LeCun discuss current limits of deep learning and future directions of research.
Tesla dashboard
At CVPR 2021, Tesla AI chief Andrej Karpathy explained why computer vision alone is enough for full self-driving, and why Tesla is in a unique position to make it happen.
brain nature
Intelligence is not the result of gradual evolutionary changes, but an additional functional system that appeared suddenly and did not go through the standard process of evolutionary consolidation.
evolution artificial intelligence
A paper by DeepMind scientist triggered much debate about the path to artificial intelligence. Here, we'll try to draw the line between theory and practice.