llama typing on computer
Optimization by PROmpting (OPRO), a powerful method developed by Google DeepMind, uses large language models (LLM) as optimizers for their own prompts.
Virtual reality in healthcare
Needle procedures evoke fear and anxiety from your first trip to the doctor’s office. However, VR is changing that and reshaping the very essence of medical treatments.
robot scientist featured
A science of artificial intelligence based on discredited epistemological foundations is doomed to fail, just as the attempt to build other science on them has failed.  Scientific progress depends on better understanding of the phenomena, not just producing slight improvements in some well-defined task.
Brain activity
A new software architecture uses neural development programs (NDP) to self-assemble deep learning models from basic units, like their biological counterparts.
chatgpt network effects
ChatGPT is facing severe competition from other closed- and open-source LLMs. Here is how OpenAI is using network effects to solidify its market share.
sad and happy robot
A study by Microsoft and other institutions shows that adding emotional stimuli to prompts enhances LLMs like ChatGPT.
chatbot fact checking
A new study sheds light on how the expansion of LLMs like ChatGPT will impact truth, the spread of misinformation, and fact-checking.
robot thinking
A new study by USCC and MIT helps better understand the self-explainability capabilities of LLMs such as ChatGPT.
virtual reality
This article examines the complex web of influence exerted by these strategic nexuses bolstered by empirical evidence and astute observations.
Technology and innovation concept
Users actively choose to avoid third-party data tracking as much as possible, and cookies are now well on their way out. How will marketers adapt?