classroom technology
Teachers who learn to embrace technology can streamline their work, improve their efficiency, and even lighten their workload by letting technology take care of some of their tasks.
artificial intelligence science
The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence recently introduced Aristo, an AI that can pass an 8th grade science exam. Is the AI really learning science?
Technology and Internet accessibility can become a means to harm another person. That’s why we need every solution available to help prevent cyberbullying. And with advancements in AI, there might be a great new solution on the way.
artificial intelligence healthcare glucometer
Dr. Eric Topol, physician and writer, explains how advances in artificial intelligence will help patients have more control over their health.
robot artificial intelligence fake news
Many people assume that an AI algorithm generating coherent text can trigger a fake news crisis. The assumption couldn't be farther from the truth.
The digital lifestyle in the office and outside can be a mess. One way to ensure that we reap the rewards digital technology is to use AI.
The apparent infighting at AI research lab DeepMind shows why it's wrong to mingle commercial and scientific AI.
Graphic user interfaces were an important step in creating more natural interactions with computer. But we’ve reached its limits, and now we’re stepping towards another form of interaction—conversation.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to grow radio frequencies (RF) and bring this retro technology to the modern sphere.
neural networks deep learning stochastic gradient descent
Among the many methods to protect AI models against adversarial attack, one promising technique involves adding randomness to neural networks.