virtual reality
By Luke Fitzpatrick Image source: 123RF When talking about VR technology, many would associate it with its uses in the gaming industry or even as an...
ai market downturn
While the stagnation in AI funding will slow down the field, it is also forcing investors to focus more on AI initiatives that are more likely to reach a sustainable business model.
Google generative AI strategy
In this week’s AI@ ’22 conference, Google showed a glimpse of its roadmap for leveraging generative models in its products.
artificial intelligence alphabet soup
AI is not three things. AI is one thing: a singular and unprecedented goal to recreate intelligence ex nihilo. However, this goal is permanently misaligned with business.
transformer model
Switching transformer models from deep to wide architecture results in significant improvements in speed, memory, and interpretability.
reinforcement learning robot chess
By Aleksandras Šulženko Image credit: 123RF (with modifications) Imagine you are about to sit down to play a game with a friend. But this isn’t just...
openai dall-e 2
The fast-paced evolution of DALL-E as a commercial product is a sign of the expansion of the market for generative AI models and the maturity of Microsoft’s long-term partnership with OpenAI.
chatbot mobile interface
Building a truly “open-domain” chatbot is perhaps unrealistic and not even necessary, since human-human conversations are not that “open-domain” and random either.
deepmind alphatensor
DeepMind AlphaTensor shows how the right combination of human and artificial intelligence can find solutions to complicated problems.
virtual reality therapy
Image credit: 123RF People say therapy isn’t for everybody. But everybody should at least have the option to obtain it, and they don’t. Not only are therapy options relatively...