video conferencing remote work
By Paul McNeil Among all the things that have proven to be broken and overlooked or underestimated because of the covid-19 pandemic, and between all the industries and niches that came to a halt, technology adoption...
Tesla Model 3
Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes the basic functionality of level 5 self-driving cars will be completed by the end of 2020. But given the limits of deep learning, that is unlikely to happen.
black box
Duke University computer science professor Cynthia Rudin explains why black-box machine learning models should not be trusted in critical settings.
IT server room data center
By Cuneyt Buyukbezci Increasing automation and digitization is inevitable. More companies are transferring their operations to IT systems, and more of these operations are being automated. However, what isn’t inevitable is the rise in IT failures and...
Robot Rubick's Cube
Black-box adversarial reprogramming can repurpose neural networks for new tasks without having full access to the deep learning model.
home office
By Zoltan Balazs and Leonardas Marozas The recent world crisis has significantly changed how people work nowadays. In the past, only a small number of employees were able to work from home all week; others were...
human mind thoughts
Computer scientist Melanie Mitchell breaks down the key elements that could allow artificial intelligence algorithms to grasp the "meaning" of things.
city airport
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Many industries have already been impacted by the integration of AI technology to improve business processes, but that’s only the beginning. Through the use of big data, machine...
Janelle Shane, the founder of AI Weirdness, explores how artificial intelligence algorithms work in her latest book, "You Are a Thing And I Love You."
brain genome
Neuroscience professor Anthony Zador discusses what it takes for artificial neural networks to become as efficient as brains in learning things.