At I/O 2019, Google declared its Assistant will perform its AI computation on user's devices instead of sending data to the cloud. Here's why it's a big deal.
Artificial Intelligence has ignited a fire of excitement throughout the business world. But the AI revolution is picking up in some industries, but is slow to seep into others - why is that?
With the help of machine learning, companies can remove the frustrating elements of business travel that often force employ to "go rogue" on company protocols.
Optical AI hardware accelerators are helping improve the speed and throughput of neural networks while reducing the power consumption.
Money laundering is a global, longstanding issue that demands attention and evidence suggests that AI is useful in preventing money laundering.
AI makes life easier, it also introduces its own set of vulnerabilities and security threats. AI researchers at IBM have developed a technique that can detect adversarial examples and protect machine learning models against adversarial attacks.
As we continue to chase the dream of fully autonomous vehicles, the technology we develop can solve smaller yet no less important problems, such as automating the operation of forklifts in industrial settings.
More than ever before, there is a high demand in the workforce for an increased emphasis on education in mathematics and sciences but students in rural areas often do not have the same opportunities as those who live in urban areas.
Nine months after losing to humans at a Dota 2 e-sports event, OpenAI's team of neural networks came back and made history by defeating the world champions of the online strategy game.
The shades of emotion in the human voice are being decoded and mapped in a way that has never been done before, and it’s providing the foundation for the next generation of emotionally intelligent AI.