robot hand artificial intelligence innovation
By Meeri Haataja In an age of more and more powerful autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS), how does industry retain trust with its customers? Hardly any means has been available to organizations for credibly communicating to their...
google drive
The new Google Drive sharing user interface is neat. But document sharing privacy requires more than good looks.
coronavirus data charts
The coronavirus pandemic has caused machine learning algorithms to behave in unusual ways.
biometric fingerprint scan
By Gil Artmoore Image credit: Depositphotos According to Forbes, business leaders from a variety of industries have joined forces to face one unexpected enemy. That enemy?...
laptops teamwork
Users today want content that’s customized to their interests with features that create an enhanced experience. User experience (UX) has never been more critical to engagement, but unlocking the internet will require more than 5G...
college students
By Carolina and Claudia Recchi While Generation Z is more aware and vocal about their overall wellness, their comfort level of sharing any struggles is more often displayed when behind a screen. In a world where...
video reel
CLEVRER is a new dataset that evaluates artificial intelligence models' capabilities to reason about causality in videos.
medical technology
This article is part of our ongoing coverage of the fight against coronavirus. In the relatively short time since doctors detected the first case, the coronavirus pandemic has put the healthcare sector under tremendous strain. Departments deal with...
operating room
By Jeffrey Goldsmith AI in healthcare has been a hot topic for years and with advances in deep learning, it’s being successfully implemented across a wide spectrum on medical procedures. The benefits are not only cost-saving,...
hidden back door
A technique developed by scientists at IBM Research and Northeastern University helps create deep learning models that are robust against adversarial backdoors.