AI incident database
The AI Incident Database is a comprehensive collection of incidents in which AI systems have caused harm in the real world.
computer software development
By Harel Tayeb A citizen developer is defined as anyone who uses IT tools and technology to create a business application. This concept is taking...
Deep learning concept whitening
Concept whitening is a technique that helps create interpretable deep learning models without incurring performance penalties.
Apple self-driving car
Apple's plans for launching a self-driving car can indicate a fundamental shift in the company's product-development strategy.
machine learning customer segmentation
Machine learning algorithms can help segment customers by comparing their features and grouping them based on their similarities.
deepmind google logos
DeepMinds growing losses highlight the challenges of running an artificial intelligence research lab in the corporate world.
Adversarial example time bomb
We are still learning how to cope with adversarial machine learning. Security researchers are used to perusing code for vulnerabilities. Now they must learn to find security holes in AI systems composed of millions of numerical parameters.
Boston Dynamics
After being acquired by Hyundai, Boston Dynamics will have a chance to create a profitable robots business. But the benefits are not without tradeoffs.
data science
Big tech companies have the experts, the infrastructure, and the environment to help data scientists develop their skills and find new challenges.
biased data
By Micaela Kaplan Creating an ethical business and customer experience (CX) begins with understanding the interactions that impact the business every day. To do so,...