PACD data poisoning
A new research paper shows that machine learning systems can fail against adversarial examples even if they have been trained with randomized smoothing techniques.
boston dynamics stretch robot
Boston Dynamics's new robot Stretch is boring in comparison to the company's previous achievements. But it can be the product that turns the research lab into a profitable company.
autonomous robots adversarial training
Adversarial training secures neural networks against adversarial attacks. But in robotics applications, it can decrease safety, research shows.
autonomous robots
By Robert Ravensbergen There has been in some ways a persistent sense of global crisis that long predates the advent of COVID-19. Growing inequality both...
machine learning causality
Machine learning systems thrive on finding and exploiting statistical regularities. This is why they can't do causal reasoning.
fpga artificial intelligence production
By Nick Ni The field of artificial intelligence moves swiftly, with the pace of innovation only accelerating. While the software industry has been successful in...
internet of things city
By Erik Fossum Færevaag For over a decade we have witnessed a proliferation of internet-connected devices. Nowadays, the number of internet-connected devices is estimated to...
small business minimum wage
By Jerry Abiog A minimum-wage law is, in reality, a law that makes it illegal for an employer to hire a person with limited skills....
machine learning research papers
To encourage reproducibility in machine learning research, Papers Without Code, a new website, will regularly publish a list of unreproducible ML papers.
machine learning dynamic pricing
By Bruno Slosse  It is almost universally accepted throughout the business world that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform things. A PWC survey confirmed as much, with...