By directing too much attention to strong AI (or general AI), we're neglecting the opportunities—and threats—that weak AI (or narrow AI) presents.
911 is an antiquated system that has not improved since the 1960's. With the growth of blockchain innovation, the cloud and the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s time we did a full rethink of what an emergency grid can be.
Deepfakes and other deep learning tools are ushering in a new era of fake news, fraud and forgery. Are we ready to face it?
The rise of IoT and the advent of Blockchain have rendered the classic cloud useless due to the vast amount of data and required computing power. Edge computing is the new kid on the block.
AI's capabilities go way beyond autonomous vehicles when it comes to transportation.
While the networking industry shifts more and more to Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, data science can help them to improve an ever more complex underlying infrastructure.
The law has always been lagging behind Technology and Uber's AV crash is no exception.
Running your own business is a dream. Here's how to protect it while it's still most vulnerable.
With the proliferation of online marketplaces fraudsters find new ways for their crooked ends.
The internet will get a lot worse before it gets better.