About TechTalks

Technology is becoming more and more important as we move forward, and it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. Trends such as the Internet of Things are enabling us to monitor and control our environment like never before. Machine learning is enabling computers to complement human decisions. End-to-end encryption is giving us (back) privacy that can’t be undermined. Bitcoin and blockchain are revolutionizing the payment industry and domains beyond. Virtual and augmented reality are transforming a host of industries by enhancing the human experience.

This is just a glimpse of where technology stands today. A whole lot of exciting opportunities are waiting beyond the horizon.

At TechTalks, we examine trends in technology, how they affect the way we live and do business, and the problems they solve. But we also discuss the evil side of technology, the darker implications of new tech and what we need to look out for.

The idea is to be able to make the most out of the benefits provided by new tech trends, and to minimize the trade-offs and costs.

If you’re interested in about the team that runs TechTalks you can find out more here. I’m actually one person at the moment, to be honest, but hopefully we’ll grow to become a community with your help.

If you have ideas to share and would like to contribute a guest post to the blog, we’re definitely interested. Find the guidelines and contact info here.