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TechTalks regularly publishes guest posts from experts and thought leaders who can provide unique insights about technology trends. We are interested in anything that sheds light on social, political, technical and philosophical side of emerging tech.

If you want to contribute to TechTalks, please send us your pitch through the form below. We will get back to you if we see your story as a good fit. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are sorry for not responding to every single pitch.

Please read the following guidelines before considering writing for TechTalks:

  • Try to write in a challenge/response format: The post should describe a challenge (e.g. looming food shortage crisis, the rising need for computation power, challenges faced in making renewable energy mainstream…) and how technology can respond to that. Sometimes, these challenges stem from technology itself (e.g. privacy issues surrounding machine learning), and sometimes they come from other domains (e.g. supply chain shortcomings). Also note that this is the general format and if you have a compelling story that doesn’t fit into this context, we are willing to consider it nonetheless.
  • Don’t write in a promotional tone: While you have every right to make references to your efforts and link to your website, your article shouldn’t read like an advertisement. In case you’re interested in submitting sponsored posts, that is subject to fees.
  • Anything over 800 words is good, but try to keep it below 2000. We prefer—but do not require—that you put subheadings in your article to make the structure more understandable to our readers.
  • Don’t forget to include a headline for your article. Avoid vague titles and try to go straight to the point of your article.
  • We only accept stories that are exclusive to TechTalks. If your article has already been published elsewhere, please do not pitch it to us.

Note: We will not respond to submissions that do not contain a clear pitch.