How to recruit the best tech talent for your business

By Carl Sautereau, Talent Deck

Recruiting the best tech talent for your business can be difficult at the best of times.

Whether you go it alone or bring in a recruiter, the process of recruiting can be arduous and expensive, with no guarantee the ‘perfect candidate’ will walk through the door.

However, technology companies are increasingly finding it ever more difficult to attract the best talent, with a severe and growing skills gap meaning there are many more jobs than skilled workers to fill them.

By the end of 2016, one in 10 of all UK job adverts came from the technology and digital sectors.

As tech companies continue to benefit from an influx of investment, the biggest challenge they now face is making themselves stand out and attract the best tech talent to continue their growth.

Our research has found that 45% of developers are currently looking for a new job, while 22% would consider a new opportunity if it presented itself, so the opportunity to recruit new talent is there.

But, with so much competition, how can they put themselves at the front of the line in a jobs market where talent is freer, and more willing, to hop from role to role and talent continues to adapt what is important to them in their work? Continue reading