5 best data analytics conferences to attend in 2023

By Luke Fitzpatrick

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As data science and analytics continue to be one of the most sought-after professions in the current market, attending conferences with industry experts can provide useful insights to both existing specialists and up-and-coming professionals.

Analytics conferences bring together people from various industries with unique experiences and perspectives on how the data industry should evolve. Even if learning hard skills from some of the leading industry experts isn’t your cup of tea, having a better understanding of the entire sector is still a valuable asset.

Luckily, analytics conferences aren’t always paid, some of them provide free access for any participant, making them a great starting point for those that aren’t ready to commit large sums of money to an event. In this list, you’ll find some of the most prominent analytics conferences for both leading data scientists and newcomers to the industry at various price tags.

1.   Oxycon

Date: September 13th, 2023

Price: Free

Location: Virtual event

OyxCon, hosted by Oxylabs, is the premiere event for people who are interested in all things related to data, development, and web intelligence. Industry professionals from various walks of life and businesses all gather together to share knowledge, practical tips, and insights about the future of analytics and web scraping.

The event is separated into three distinct tracks: Developer, Business, and Innovation. In the first track, listeners will learn about advanced Python programming methods related to web scraping and data acquisition while the Business track will be dedicated towards making the most out of data systems for scaling and other purposes.

Finally, the Innovation track will provide insight into the future of web scraping, emerging technologies, and what are the current trends in the industry. As web scraping is becoming an increasingly important part of data acquisition in businesses, Oxycon is perfect for those that want to get an advanced understanding of the processes revolving around external data.

2.   The Big Data and Analytics Forum

Date: September 14th, 2023

Price: from $375, depending on membership status.

Location: Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Big Data and Analytics Forum is part of a larger event, held together with The Future of HVAC 2023. Tickets for the former also provide entry into the latter event’s second day.

For most data analysts, the single day at the forum will be more than enough as it’s packed with action and interesting topics, ranging from general automation to highly specific, sustainability-related topics. The event also hosts numerous people from well known brands such as Amazon, making it a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

Additionally, the conference hosts special discounts for students, reducing the admission price to just above $100, making it a great opportunity for those still at the early stages of involvement in the data science field. Finally, the event will also have a few panel sessions with numerous industry leaders discussing a single topic, allowing attendees to get a much better overview of the current trends.

3.   Data Science Summit

Date: November 23-24th, 2023.

Price: from 199 PLN (~$50 USD).

Location: Virtual + Physical. Onsite event held on 24th, PGE Narodowy Conference Center, Warsaw, Poland.

While there are several data analytics conferences named Data Science Summit, the one in Poland offers the best bang for buck. With tickets starting out at just $50, it’s one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, analytics conference out there.

Additionally, a part of the event is held virtually, making it easy to access for people outside of Europe. While such a low price may seem like the content there will be scarce, Poland’s Data Science Summit contains everything from artificial intelligence and machine learning to quantum computing.

The onsite day also hosts 9 different tracks for data science professionals with engaging presentations and panel discussions. In the Data Science Summit, you’ll be able to find everything from technical sessions on various data solutions to networking events, so it’s the perfect place to be during November.

4.   Coalesce

Date: October 16-20th, 2023.

Price: from $1500

Location: Virtual + Physical. Several physical locations – San Diego, London, Sydney.

Coalesce is one of the largest data science conferences in the world, covering three physical locations and a virtual event for attendees. While that is certainly reflected in the price tag, the knowledge provided is immense and invaluable.

Numerous panel discussions, presentations, covering everything from data governance to machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence, will be there. Everyone, regardless of their field of interest, will be able to find something that matches their needs.

Additionally, the Coalesce team created a dedicated Slack channel for the event, allowing attendees to network with other data analytics professionals all across the world. As such, the analytics conference is a great opportunity to boost your knowledge and career in one single event.

5.   Machine Learning Week

Date: November 15-16th, 2023.

Price: from €995 (~$1100)

Location: Vienna House Andel’s Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Machine Learning Week is a conference dedicated to machine learning, including aspects such as  data preprocessing, aiming to teach data analytics professionals basic and advanced skills related to that area. Numerous speakers from both academia and industry will participate in various talks, panels, and workshops, helping data analytics professionals pick up these essential skills.

Both days are action-packed, so much so that the conference organizers have separated tickets into several tiers, the cheapest of which only allow access to a 1-day workshop. Prices quickly rise if you want to attend the entire conference, however, the event is totally worth every dollar spent.

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