robot playing piano
In his latest book, Arthur i. Miller delves into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence algorithms that are changing human creativity.
agm glory g1s
With a thermal camera, night vision camera, and a solid build, the Glory G1S is the ideal rugged smartphone with many cool features.
PaMu Slide
The market is now flooded with truly wireless (TWS) earbuds and it can be quite difficult to find the right one for you. Some seek sound quality while...
Garmin Venu Sq
At $200, this Garmin fitness tracker delivers all your health and fitness data alongside decent smartwatch features
robot thinking
As artificial intelligence continues to bring tremendous change to human life and work, we need a new education system that can adapt to lifelong learning.
machine learning with pytorch and scikit-learn
"Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn" is a balanced mix of theory, math, coding, and references to give you a broad overview of the ML and DL landscape.
Deep learning with pytorch
"Deep Learning with PyTorch" provides an excellent introduction to deep learning concepts and a deep dive into a full-fledged AI application.
As many have noticed there is an escalating trend of health awareness coupled with a variety of smart devices/gadgets able to track our body health. More people are...
data science programming
"Python for Data Analysis" and "Practical Statistics for Data Scientists" are two must-reads for anyone leaning data science and machine learning.
Maono PD400X microphone
Maono PD400X microphone Following my latest review of the Maonocaster E2 A TikMic Kit, also known as the Maonocaster E2 Single Mic Bundle, Maono was kind enough to reach...