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Hi everyone. I’m happy to announce that today, TechTalks turns three! Happy birthday TechTalks! The third year of our blog was full of accomplishments, and we already know that year four will be even more exciting.

First, the crew. This year, Kevin Delsh joined us as associate editor. He’s done an outstanding job organizing and scheduling guest posts and contributors, managing our social media channels (follow us on Twitter and Facebook), setting up our newsletter (subscribe here), and putting his development chops to work to give the site a major facelift. Thanks Kevin!

If you like the new look or you think we can improve it, let us know.

Second, our contributors. We promised last year that we would give regular contributors their own dedicated profile in the website. We now have three regular writers who are writing excellent, well-written pieces for TechTalks. I haven’t had the privilege to directly communicate with all of them (Kevin manages contributors), but I’ve read every single piece they’ve written. To Kayla Matthews, Desmond Rhodes and Natan Sykes, thank you for your excellent articles! Your writing has helped make TechTalks what it is today. Looking forward to reading more of your posts as well as those of our future contributors.

And of course, our dear contributors, people who have shared their expertise with our audience from time to time, have also played an important role in the growth of TechTalks. If you would like to share your thoughts with our audience, read our guidelines and send us a pitch.

And finally growth. Thanks to the excellent content that everyone has contributed to TechTalks, we are now an official Google New website, and are being syndicated by several authority blogs and websites.

We have new surprises for the coming year, but we’ll let you learn about them as they happen.

As technology solves and creates problems, TechTalks will be covering the space.

Looking forward to an exciting year four!

Ben Dickson

Founder and Editor at TechTalks

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