Origem HS-3 Bluetooth earphones provide intriguing new option

origem HS-3

The busy earphone market has a relatively new player from Hong Kong that has something quite new to offer: the innovative Origem HS-3 Bluetooth earphones.

This Hong Kong-based company I had not heard of until recently. They have launched the Origem HS-3 earphones just recently and have gone as far as claiming to offer “HDR sound.”

We’ll discuss the HDR tech later. Right now, let’s dig in to see how the earphones actually perform and what quality it delivers.

Sound comes first

All earphones/headphones have a variety of differing features. First and foremost is the sound quality, and I have to say that the Origem HS-3 surpassed my expectations.

Beginning with the bass, being quite deep and powerful, it was nice to feel the kick drums punch very vividly through other sounds, while bass guitars and synths are delivered in smooth and thick fashion.

The Origem HS-3 also delivers very well-tuned mids while low mids can be described as warm without providing too much mud. And regarding high mids, they are presented in the correct manner to guarantee an enjoyable listening experience.

The highs, to be honest, can’t be described as incredible, but they’re good. It would be fair to say that the Origem HS-3 cannot necessarily be registered as audiophile-level earphones, while cymbals stand out in fine fashion. And most important to all, the detail is very good. It would have been nice to see just a bit more high-end extension while the status quo with these earphones is actually perfectly fine.

I wouldn’t fully endorse Origem’s “HDR” technology claim, but Origem says this feature helps the balanced sound of all frequencies. Compression algorithms are used often by various companies with the aim of changing, at least somewhat, the dynamic range of earphones.

At the end of the day, the Origem HS-3 earphones provide pretty good sound. One of my friends used the word: “Excellent!”

Interesting design

origem HS-3

Origem HS-3 earphones are specially built for exercising, providing wireless earphones featuring adjustable hinge-fit ear hooks to tune just the right fit on your ear. This interesting concept provides both a comfortable and fixed placing without any annoyance. Although it needs to be taken into account how the ear hooks are made of basic wire and feel quite fragile.

The earbuds of the Origem HS-3 earphones are larger in comparison to others in this industry, but the ear hooks design makes it quite acceptable and comfortable indeed. A three-button remote equipped with a MicroUSB port is found somewhat down the right side of the earphone’s cable. A bit disappointed, I’m hoping the next model of Origem earphones will provide a USB-C port.

Although the earphone build-up might not seem special, that in my opinion is actually a positive. Keeping it simple sometimes goes a long way. However, we do have to be careful with the ear hook being a bit fragile, especially if you are a highly active individual in your daily life.

Opening the box, you will find the earphones, four pairs of ear tips and a MicroUSB cable that all fit nicely in a fairly protective case. Again, nothing too fancy while decently providing the essentials.

How’s the performance?

Origem HS-3 earphones are Bluetooth devices delivering a listening range of up to 10 meters (33 feet).

Six hours is the battery life you’ll get from these earphones, which is a bit low and many other models currently provide better performance. For those seeking such a headphone in your daily workout, six hours will probably be good for three or four days before a recharge. For those die-hard music lovers or mobile phone gamers, this will not meet your demands.

Voice commands

A bonus you get with the HS-3 is voice control. You can play and stop music, navigate through your playlist, accept and reject calls, or interact with your virtual assistants. The music control commands are especially convenient during workouts because they spare you from reaching into your hoodie and feeling your way through the button controls. But to be true, the commands don’t work all the time, which can make the experience a bit frustrating.


As discussed before the earbuds of these Origem HS-3 earphones are relatively large. However, this does not significantly decrease the overall comfort. This is where the adjustable hooks play their role, ensuring a good and fit feel. A slight swivel according to your ear size will set get you up and running.

Being curious, I tested a variety of fits and was quite pleased with the provided comfort. Some may consider the earphones a bit heavy, while the sense fades away during a workout and especially when listening to concentrating music for those long readers who prefer to silence the outside world.

Final thoughts

Origem HS-3 earphones were a pleasant experience. Yes, the design stands out from others and various parts may seem fragile. At the end of the day, however, the sound quality delivered makes these earphones worth the buy.

As with every other product out there one may find better options at higher prices. The Origem HS-3 earphones provide high-quality with a firm fit, allowing you to maximize your task focus while enjoying motivating or relaxing music.

My score would be a B, or an 87 out of 100. Yet considering the price range, the Origem HS-3 definitely deserves your attention.

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