The importance of ongoing tech education as a manager

By Southern Cross University

The rapid technological change that has occurred in the last decade has transformed every corner of our lives, from how we communicate with friends to the skills needed to navigate and prosper in the current labour market.

As Professor Ian Chubb, neuroscientist and former Chief Scientist of Australia, summed it up in 2013: “STEM is everywhere. Our nourishment, our safety, our homes and neighbours, our relationships with family and friends, our health, our jobs, our leisure are all profoundly shaped by technological innovation and the discoveries of science.”

The scale and pace of these changes poses challenges for those at all stages of the education and career ladder. For mid-career professionals moving into roles managing ambitious graduates with a higher technological literacy than their own, the challenges are perhaps greater than for any other cohort. In line with that, there is great opportunity for both tech education and management training. Continue reading


The main barriers to successful adoption of SaaS

Cloud computing SaaS

By Mark Barlow, AppLearn

Most modern businesses, of any size and in any sector, rely on software as a service in some way, from Salesforce, used to manage customer relationships, to GoToMeeting, used to connect with colleagues and international clients, and Google Apps, which encompasses the search engine giant’s version of old faithfuls including Excel and Word (Sheets and Docs, respectively). Continue reading