The irrevocable failures of centralized business models

Last year, when the FBI ordered Apple to help it break into an iPhone that belonged to a terrorist, the company denied to comply and challenged the federal government in court to avoid setting a precedent that would undermine the privacy of all its users.

18 months later, when the Chinese government ordered Apple to remove major Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps from its version of the App Store that is available in the country, it caved in without a fight.

This is not a move you’d expect from a company that professes to be dedicated to protecting customer privacy and information. VPN apps are extremely important to evade surveillance and circumvent censorship, especially in countries like China where the internet traffic strictly controlled and limited. Continue reading


Apple’s headphone jack removal—was it courage?



With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 and I Phone 7Plus by Apple, some saw their expectations met as the devices are quite similar to their predecessors, and some others were left disappointed. One of the most controversial aspects of the new generation headsets though was Apple’s decision to do away with the traditional analog headphone jack. While some considered such a move as inevitable, the reasoning placed forward by Apple senior marketing vice-president Phil Schiller, as “courage,” has created quite some noise. Continue reading