Zeltser: How to meet future cybersecurity challenges


Cybersecurity is one of the most fluid and changing fields of the tech industry. Every year, new threats and challenges emerge, outpacing past records and expectations. In this respect 2016 was no different. But as online services become more and more prominent and critical to our daily lives and businesses, being able to respond to threats before they deal their damage becomes more critical.

Case in point: The October 21 DDoS attack against Dyn cut millions of users from popular services such as Twitter and Netflix. That is something that most people can shrug off. But what happens when our cars, homes, hospitals and power grids depend on the correct functionality of our digital and online systems?

Cybersecurity expert Lenny Zeltser believes that new approaches to fighting malware can give a leg up in fighting cyberattacks and help organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals. Continue reading


How predictive analytics fights the cyberthreats of the future

big data

The complexity of the cybersecurity landscape is simultaneously increasing in different directions. On the one hand, the volume and sensitivity of data being stored and used by firms is growing, which means IT security experts have their hands full of information that needs to be secured. Meanwhile, hackers are constantly attacking organizations in new, inconceivable ways, making traditional security tools less and less effective. Continue reading

The evolution of gaming introduces new cyberthreats

Video game security

Any endeavor that makes money quickly draws the attention of fraudsters and thieves, and videogames are no exception. Since their inception and introduction to the consumer market, videogames have been the target of theft, piracy, illegal distribution… But the evolution of the digitized entertainment and its major shift toward online gaming has also changed the way it is being targeted, who it is being targeted by, and the people who are suffering the consequences. Continue reading

Viruses are getting smarter. Is there a cure?

Malware Alert

A few years ago, if you were a good cyber-citizen (which basically means you kept your system and software patched and your antivirus updated), you could’ve rest assured that you were protected against 99 percent of malware and attacks.

That’s no longer the case today, thanks to a new breed of smart malware and malware developers that are constantly finding new ways to evade security solutions. Continue reading