Zeltser: How to meet future cybersecurity challenges


Cybersecurity is one of the most fluid and changing fields of the tech industry. Every year, new threats and challenges emerge, outpacing past records and expectations. In this respect 2016 was no different. But as online services become more and more prominent and critical to our daily lives and businesses, being able to respond to threats before they deal their damage becomes more critical.

Case in point: The October 21 DDoS attack against Dyn cut millions of users from popular services such as Twitter and Netflix. That is something that most people can shrug off. But what happens when our cars, homes, hospitals and power grids depend on the correct functionality of our digital and online systems?

Cybersecurity expert Lenny Zeltser believes that new approaches to fighting malware can give a leg up in fighting cyberattacks and help organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals. Continue reading


The IoT ransomware threat is more serious than you think

Image: Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai/Vice Motherboard

At the recent Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, two researchers from cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners showed that they could inflict your smart thermostat with ransomware from hundreds of miles away, and force you to fork over cash (usually bitcoins) before you could regain control of the appliance. Continue reading

The beginner’s guide to ransomware


Ransomware is nothing new, but has made the headlines quite a few times since last year, as it has become a mounting threat and is dealing damage to individuals and companies alike. If you’ve heard of the scary stories of computer viruses locking out files and extorting money out of users without leaving a trace, then you already know what ransomware is.

Whether you’re afraid of being the next victim of ransomware or not, it pays to know more about how it works, where it comes from, and some basic measures that can help you protect yourself against it. Continue reading