Blockchain’s promise for the gaming industry

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Over the past decade, the gaming industry has gone through immense revolutions and transformations. The old model of paying once with cash and buying games of the shelf is slowly giving way to platforms such as Steam and app stores where you buy games online or pay as you play.

Games have now become full-fledged commerce platforms and markets, where players spend money to pay for services, access expansion packs and extra levels, or buy and exchange in-game assets and resources with other players. Continue reading


The evolution of gaming introduces new cyberthreats

Video game security

Any endeavor that makes money quickly draws the attention of fraudsters and thieves, and videogames are no exception. Since their inception and introduction to the consumer market, videogames have been the target of theft, piracy, illegal distribution… But the evolution of the digitized entertainment and its major shift toward online gaming has also changed the way it is being targeted, who it is being targeted by, and the people who are suffering the consequences. Continue reading