Teamwork is the key to modern programming

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Ever since the advent of computers, humans have been searching for ways to create software that better address their daily needs. Today, desktop, web, and mobile applications have grown in complexity and size to the extent that there isn’t a shred of our lives that isn’t dependent in one way or another to some sort of application.

Complex software need better programmers. Specifically, complex software need better teams of programmers. The era of single-person programming is long gone, and unless you’re planning to do programming as a hobby, you’re going to need to learn teamwork if you want to embark on a successful programming journey.

A piece recently published in TechCrunch by Ritika Trikha gives some very useful insight on how to be successful in programming in general and how to address the complexities of teamwork.

I know, all of us with the least bit of programming experience know that going solo is fun. In the old days you could seclude yourself in your basement on Friday night, settle down in front of the black-and-white screen of your computer (and maybe with some blue thrown in), tap away at your keyboard and write code in your favorite C/C++ editor (which didn’t have any intellisense features by the way), rub your eyes and fight back sleep, knowing that in the morning you would deliver the next best software the world would know.

But alas, those days are gone. In today’s computing world, you’re going to need a team, and a team environment to achieve success. Trikha’s article offers useful advice and experience from some of the finest of the computer programming industry.

It’s a good read. Tell me what you think.

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