How to improve your business with Facebook marketing


The advent and growth of social networking systems in recent years has brought dramatic changes to every aspect of our lives. What started out as becoming a simple line of tools that were meant to ease communications and bring friends together in innovative ways have evolved into becoming full featured apps that have found their way into our business and professional life.

Presently, social media has become one of the prominent methods of marketing and attracting customers. Facebook is a perfect tool for this purpose, and Facebook advertising has helped companies earn billions in revenue by adopting the right techniques.

Yours can be the next business that boosts its revenue by using social media marketing on Facebook. But you must know how to do it effectively, else you will end up spending time and budget without significant return on investment.

Facebook has over 1 billion users, and its main strength is that it has a lot of data on users, which can help marketers find better targets for their advertisements. But do consider that Facebook was originally made to help ease communications between family and friends, therefore if you want to engage in Facebook advertising, you must take care not to appear intrusive in your interactions.

On the upside, Facebook has become more and more popular for purchasing queries and tips, and friends use it to recommend products to each other. Companies are setting up Facebook pages to advertise their brand, and users “like” those pages to discover new uses, discounts and products. And they share them with their friends. A well-setup Facebook page can earn your company far more impressions that a TV ad can.

One key to success in Facebook advertising is to build up your number of Likes. One way to do so is to integrate your social media marketing campaign with other direct-marketing methods. Add links to your Facebook page in your website, emails and other publications, and make sure that your Facebook page has a user-friendly URL, so that if it is included in printed publications, viewers will remember it and quickly be able to type it in their browsers.

Also add incentives for those who visit your page and contact your through social media, such as offering discounts and chances to win prizes. This can help build your fan base and put you on a better footing in future marketing campaigns.

One last advice that you should consider is boosting your posts. For a small fee, Facebook can send a post to thousands of users, which it chooses based on their tastes and the product you offer. Although it might sound like a scam, there have been numerous cases where companies have actually scored success in gaining new customers and Likes on their pages, and have consequently received several hundred fold return on their post-boost investment. But this is a path that should be tread with caution. Feel your way, try it a couple of times. If it’s not working, try altering your posts and making them more convincing before making further attempts.

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