What is the “What is…” column?

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You might have noticed the new vertical added to Tech Talks this week, dubbed “What is…” In this column, we’ll be publishing articles that will offer general information about topics of interest—obviously related to tech—that might otherwise be a bit murky. This can include anything ranging from trending technologies such as machine learning and IoT, or confusing cybersecurity topics such as social engineering and end-to-end encryption.

What’s different?

Of course, much of the stuff you’ll find in this column can also be found in other tech sites and outlets. But at Tech Talks, we’ll try to make things a wee bit different by staying true to the following guidelines:

  • General information: Basic definition, history and evolution of topics.
  • Application: Application of the technology in question (if applicable).
  • Other applications: Other fields where the technology may be put to use.
  • Influence on other industries: How other industries and domains are being transformed or affected by the technology in question.
  • Prospects and future: How the technology may evolve and expand in the future.

The point is to provide valuable content to readers—and of course, create motivation for others to give backlinks to the site’s content (but that’s really not the main point).

I need your help

There are a lot of topics that I wish to post in this column, starting with blockchain, different flavors of analytics, machine learning, cybersecurity stuff, etc. But alas, I can only generate as much content as a human can, so I would very much welcome any help in this regard.

Anyone who’s interested in contributing “What is…” articles to Tech Talks—or any other post that falls in within the guidelines—is welcome to send their pitch here.

I’m very excited about the potential that column will unleash. I hope you share the feeling and help me fill it with cool stuff.

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