Mixcder E10: Budget headphone with great noise-cancellation, 3-D sound

mixcder e10
The Mixcder E10 headphone provides active noise canceling and 3D sound at an affordable price

Many people are constantly seeking to flee or overcome a crowded and noise-polluted environment. Sometimes you have no choice but to weather it out. Mixcder’s new E10 wireless noise-canceling headphones provide a great solution for those who find refuge in music or just simply wish to focus on their work in all conditions.

Available for a $90 on Amazon, the Mixcder E10 delivers much of the pros found in famous brand name noise-canceling headphones without all the brouhaha around their label.

One might honestly think there must be something fishy when a premium brand’s similar headphone costs $350+ and the Mixscer E10 is literally one fourth the price. There is actually nothing to hide and the truth lies in the detailed fact that brand name models use expensive materials in constructing savvy designs, including metal components (which, by the way, make the headphone heavier) versus plastic, and genuine leather versus synthetic fabrics.

I for one decided to put those unnecessary accommodations aside and found the Mixcder E10 provides excellent sound quality and very good active noise cancellation (ANC) at a price that many others can actually afford.

Let’s be honest: $350+ headphones are better. However, is the Mixcder E10 a very good headphone with quality ANC? Most definitely!

Comfort design

For those, like me, who work long hours with their computer, the Mixcder E10 is quite comfortable. Mostly working at home, the wireless feature allows me to get off my chair, walk a bit and even stretch while listening to various audio files, YouTube clips of different interviews, conferences, documentaries and also movies.

As earphones become the more common norm in our lives, there are those like me who are more traditional and used to the assurance of over-the-ear headphones. I found it very useful at home, on the metro or on the bus, and at the office (while the boss was looking at me quite strangely. LOL!).

The soft padding area around the ear is very comforting and the adjustable headband goes quite easy on your hair. While some smaller headphones gave me headaches, I found Mixcder E10 quite relaxing. It is worth noting that people using eyeglasses are more comfortable with earphones than headphones, and the Mixcder E10 may become a bit tight after long hours of use.

For those wondering if this is a good phone for the gym, I’ll be honest with you in saying no as it limits you to static exercises. Of course, many of us who listen to music during our runs or other exercise routines have smaller devices. However, on certain days and mostly out of curiosity, I used the Mixcder E10 during stretches and some weight lifting workouts, and they passed the test. All the while, one has to keep in mind that sweating could make the ear padding uncomfortable.

Ergonomically correct

mixcder e10 accessories

The Mixcder E10 is very up-to-date and well-designed when it comes to ergonomic standards. The right ear cup has the power button, volume controls, and a 3.5mm analog input for wire jacks, which I found a good change from the Mixcder E9 model, especially when I used the headphones with my mobile phone, leaving the left side of my body completely free without any irritating obstacles. The right ear cup also has the ANC on-off switch, making it easily accessible for most of us right-handed folks.

The left ear cup has the Micro USB interface for charging. To be honest, it would have been a great improvement from the previous model if Mixcder upgraded to a USC charging interface. Hopefully in the next model!

Active Noise Cancellation

Let’s be honest. When talking about ANC headphones, there’s truly no competition against Bose and Sony models. The rest of the pack remains far behind.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of spending $350+ for headphones. Available at $90, the Mixcder E10’s ANC feature gives a good bang for the buck. When used on trains, buses and city streets, the Mixcder E10 at times eliminated or successfully reduced a significant amount of train rumblings, HVAC noise, and outside sounds. The Mixcder E10 ANC feature worked even better on an airplane.

Before moving on, let it be known that no ANC feature, be it the Mixcder, Bose or Sony will ever match my six-year-old niece. Nothing in the world can silence this adorable princess. And that’s a good thing!

Budget price, amazing sound

Now let’s get down to business. The Mixcder E10 delivers a massive sound quality punch and it’s definitely worth the money.

I tested the Mixcder E10 mainly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops of various models, bringing me to a continued conclusion that the Mixcder’s sound quality is quite good and sets a very high standard for the budget.

Mixcder E10 provides excellent bass quality, raising my eyebrows as I checked a variety of tracks in different environments. While higher quality bass detail and resolution can be found in pricier headphones, the initial bass impression knocks the ball out of the park, making me all the more pleased with the price tag.

High sound quality in gaming is another fascinating specialty of the Mixcder E10 model. As in many modern games, a character talks to the player with a mixture of background music, adding flavor to the scene. The Mixcder E10 does an excellent job of separating these sounds while helping you differentiate various sounds in the scene before you. This significantly adds to the real-life experience of gaming which many users cherish during their play time.

And last but definitely not least, the Mixcder E10 provides an exceptional 3D sound experience both in gaming and other uses of this headphone. When watching an HD movie on my large computer monitor, the sound quality raised my heartbeat, paralleling the experience of a surround-sound theater or living room TV set.

Travel fit

mixcder e10

The Mixcder E10 is an ingenious design for travel, while the folded position still doesn’t wrap up as small as the far more luxurious (and more expensive) models available from Bose and Sony. The headphones come with a well-designed, strong carrying case that allows you to place the ear cups in a fold flat position. This gives you more packing options for your travel accommodations.

A smart feature of the nylon-covered case is a simple elastic band used to maintain the headphone in its position. This prevents the headphone from falling out of the case if you – like me – usually open the zip in a rush with the case upside down. If Mixcder had only designed an internal accessory pocket in the case, it would have been picture perfect feature for people who open the case in a hurry and seeing the accessories fall out in public can be quite embarrassing. Again, hopefully in future designs!

Money well spent

Many of us seeking a good-sounding wireless headphone providing active noise cancellation are on a tight budget. The Mixcder E10 deserves your attention.

Yes, you will not receive the cutting-edge design or premium materials – or public attention – from a Bose or Sony headphone. Yet I assure you the Mixcder E10 will most definitely deliver high quality sound while going easy on your wallet.

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