PaMu Quiet ANC Earbuds: Affordable, comfortable, and smooth

Pamu Quiet

As you already know the earbuds industry is growing rapidly and providing us users a variety of options against the popular yet awfully expensive Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Whether listening to your favorite playlist, getting news updates from a podcast, or finally getting the chance to enjoy an audio book you have put aside for a long time, distractions from the busy environment around you can be unbelievably annoying. This is where you need noise cancellation earbuds that let you concentrate, avoid entangling your hands with wires, and allow you to leave your phone or device meters away.

Searching Amazon or Best Buy will place you before a long list of options. The new PaMu Quiet Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Earphones are raising eyebrows with the crisp sound quality, very effective noise cancellation and an affordable price of less than $90.

A friend of mine introduced me to the PaMu company, explaining how she had enjoyed the PaMu Scroll from early 2019 and then went on to purchase the PaMu Slide, which also sound very good and perform incredibly well for their price.

These are the first ANC buds from PaMu and what immediately caught my attention is the neat battery case design that can even be worn around the neck. By the way, my grandma said this reminded her of an old-fashion pocket watch, which I also found to be cool.

For tech geeks (like myself), you might like to know that PaMu Quiet claims to provide the world’s first earbuds that combine a state-of-the-art Qualcomm chipset and AMS technology. This tag team is related to the noise cancellation parts and PaMu is claiming to have incorporated both feed-forward and feed-back to provide a hybrid ANC effect. This can be more effective in cancelling out noise in comparison to most other ANC earbuds available out there. PaMu Quiets are able to cancel out 40 dBs of noise while Apple AirPods can only cancel out about 20 to 30 dBs.

Important specifics

Pamu Quiet 2

The earbuds are slightly smaller than Apple AirPods but the weight is very much similar. The sound quality is just magnificent, packing amazing punch especially in bass noises. For example, drumbeats are deep and provide a rattling feeling, providing you a “hitting” experience to get in the mood.

Simultaneously, the mid-sounds are extremely clear and arrive with an enormous amount of detail from vocals and instrumentals. The earbuds provide a clean and crisp found feeling, and even a surround sound feeling without being too harsh or shrill after repeated listening. One of my friends described it as an “unbelievably well-balanced listening experience” and “truly brought my workout playlist to life.”

PaMu Quiet provides pretty low latency, meaning if you are watching a clip on Netflix or YouTube, the audio/video remain in sync without resulting in any issues. And of course, there won’t be any complaints if you are just listening to music. As with all other wireless earbuds, there will be some latency when playing a game on your device.

For those very picky sound junkies, like my neighbor, there will be a slight distortion in the background at times, but it is honestly very faint and hard to pick up by the most of us, especially as the music starts playing.

The earbuds have multiple microphones to pick up sounds from a variety of angles. And of course, these mics are also used to detect and cancel out sounds. My experience showed the mics are high quality. You can’t do professional voice recordings but PaMu earbuds are exceptional during phone calls in particular.

The buds themselves are constructed of poly-carbonated plastic and have a LED status light on the top that will light up when pairing or connecting to your device. The buds are touch sensitive, allowing you to play and pause your music, skip tracks, and answer phone calls. To activate the ANC feature, you need to tap and hold the right ear bud for two seconds.

I was hoping to be able to also raise the sound volume through touch commands; maybe in the next PaMu earbud. I do know that PaMu is working on a companion app for iOS and Android that will be released soon which they claim will allow you to customize the taps and controls into functions of your choosing, such as adjusting volume.

Active Noise Cancelling component

The hybrid ANC technology is what makes these PaMu earbuds a catchy experience. In comparison to Apple AirPod Pros as well as other available earbuds, the difference is quite noticeable. I tried it in different settings and had positive results in cancelling fan noises, such as those heard from computers, ceiling fans, and the annoying desktop fan of your office colleague (do not get me started!). It also works on louder sounds such as car engines and probably flight noises (I didn’t check this one personally).

Some people, including myself, have found that using the ANC feature makes earbuds slightly uncomfortable. That feeling is fortunately decreased significantly here with PaMu earbuds. These are truly one of the most comfortable and natural feeling ANCs I have ever tried.

What’s in the box

pamu quiet inside the box

The PaMu Quiet ear buds come in the “pocket watch” case. A little pouch to protect the buds, a USB-Type C charging cable and a jacket providing four spare silicon tips for those seeking a more comfortable fit make up the accessories. And of course, there is the keychain or necklace that you can hook to the earbuds case.

The case is a bit larger than Apple AirPods but the leather feeling is quite unique and provides a greater sense of security for the earbuds resting inside. The case has a Type-C charging port on the side and a dial-like button that can be clicked to open the case. And what’s really cools is that when closed the case has a slight LED light to indicate its battery charging status light.

The buds are also rated to be IP4X waterproof, meaning you are protected in the case of splashing water no matter the direction. For you exercise junkies, you can use these when going to the gym, but please don’t jump in the pool.


The earbuds easily jump into their place with a magnetic feature and as expected they begin automatically pairing with your device once removed from the case. The battery life should last about five hours on a single charge, which is an improvement to Apple AirPods’ three hours. And for people like me who only remember to charge their gadgets when in the car, this case can provide three charges for your earbuds when on the road. But do keep in mind that if you have the ANC feature turned on the five-hour battery life lowers to around four.

More good features include that the casing does charge up very quickly. You can enjoy two hours of listening time with just around 15 minutes of charging. The case also supports wireless charging with Qi pads for the battery case itself. You will have a fully charged PaMu earbud case withing two hours using Qi charging pads.

At a price of $90, PaMu Quiet provides a highly-recommended option for those seeking quality noise-canceling and comfortable earbuds.

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