PaMu Slide: Probably the only 10-hour TWS earphone out there

PaMu Slide

The market is now flooded with truly wireless (TWS) earbuds and it can be quite difficult to find the right one for you. Some seek sound quality while others will only trust brand names like Apple and Samsung. And there are those who specifically care mostly about long battery life. If you, like me, fall into this category, the PaMu Slide has come to the rescue.

Before we get started, how many times have you forgotten to charge a wireless device and were caught in a desperate pickle? I have to admit I have lost count and that is why battery life of my wireless devices has become a very important factor in choosing a new product to purchase.

When it comes to battery life there is a long list of brands out there that do not live up to their claims. You may see many try to grab your attention with claims of providing four to six hours of battery life. In practice, however, many only reach four hours with certain conditions met that may not suit you. The PaMu Slide TWS is a different story. They do actually run for the claimed ten hours and provide more extras in this regard, including a ten-meter Bluetooth 5.0 range and IPX6 waterproof against rain and sweat.

Basics and battery life

Why is it called PaMu Slide? The case, made out of hard plastic, provides a slide open fabric cover that is quite unique and easy to handle. The case comes with a 2,000 mA/hour battery within, so it can be a bit weighty for some people. Each charge provides you ten hours of life for the earbuds and the case delivers another five rounds of charges, meaning an additional 50-hour charge without needing any cable or cords. I have also seen other reviews of the PaMu Slide case providing six charging rounds, meaning an extra 60 hours of battery life.

PaMu Slide

The PaMu Slide itself come with an option of the case providing wireless charging, too. This would come very handy if you, like me, have often realized your phone is down to five percent battery and you have no access to proper cable charging. One of my friends actually calls his PaMu Slide case “The Ambulance” for how many times it has charged his phone when left with no other power option.

For those who like to use one earbud at a time, it is worth noting that the right earbud takes 55 minutes to charge and 65 minutes for the left earbud, indicating a slight battery capacity difference between the two.

Regarding the all-important battery life subject, PaMu Slide does provide you ten hours. They go even further by providing 11 hours of battery life if you keep the volume at 50 percent. Honestly, on an important side-note: it is highly recommended that you do not use high volume, especially with earbuds, for the health and safety of your ears. Trust me, I know. Listening to high-volume music in my teen years has now left me with weaker ears than others.

The quick charge function, however, showed some weaknesses. Five minutes of power charging should, as advertised, provide 60 minutes of playback time. Unfortunately, the earbuds could be used for between 30 and 40 minutes. However, as in the case of other wireless devices providing quick charge options, the constant use of this feature is not recommended as it has been seen to lower battery life span.

And while we are at it, a full charging cycle of the transport case, coming with a USB-C connection, takes around four hours. A USB-C to USB-A charging cable is included. As mentioned before, the PaMu Slide Plus version transfer case can also function as a wireless power bank for mobile devices, be it that the function is supported.

Sound quality

The Pamu Slide delivers a rich sound and an earthy and warm feeling with an emphasis on bass. The latter will appeal to some but not all. All the while, the entire sound foundation does provide quite a punch when necessary, such as in exercises, and a sense of letting go during relaxation.

Those who derive on detail may feel that PaMu Slide could be more precise on the low frequencies and more defining on the basses. And I do have to say that the mids are quite clear and present a warm character. Very pleasing.

PaMu Slides provide a noticeably clear sound for male and especially female vocals. The sounds of various instruments, such as saxophones, trumpets and pianos are presented with distinct clarity.

All in all, the PaMu Slide delivers a good sound quality when it comes to affordable TWS earbuds.

The comfort factor

PaMu Slide

The PaMu Slide also provides impressive comfort. The earpieces are designed to be well-rounded on the inside and fit flawlessly in your ear. Not very tight, the fit is actually quite stable, and the weight makes them easily fit in your ear. Those highly active athletes may find some issues during circuit training, but in general PaMu Slide earbuds provide the perfect fit.

Fans of AirPods should take into notice that the Slide is considered an all-ear design earbud, differing from Apple’s half-in ear hallmark. Yet PaMu still allows you to hear some of the surrounding sounds. One slight downside is that the transfer case is not designed to fit into most pockets, as it is a bit large weighing at 121 grams.

Device control info

The earbuds are supported by Bluetooth standard 5.0 and deliver a balanced range of about eight meters to a variety of Android and iOS devices. Pairing can be achieved directly when the earbuds, even one by one, are removed from the case. The system becomes active and enters pairing mode when removed from the case, while a return to the charger case will switch off the system.

If a wireless connection is found, a tap on either of the earbuds’ touch-sensitive surface will start and stop playback. This is also true in regard to answering and ending phone calls. A single tap on either earbud plays or pauses the track; a double-tap on the right earbud skips to the next track, but unfortunately, no jump-back function provided; tap-hold the right earbud increases the volume while tap-holding the left earbud reduces the volume level.     

In calls and other uses

As seen in a large number of other wireless earbuds, there is a noticeable and somewhat annoying delay when watching videos in the YouTube-app on iPhones. Other video services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, provide better audio-video synchronization. This important feature is also far better on Bluetooth 5.0-supporting Android smartphones. On a down note for you gamers out there, unfortunately, there is a slight delay when it comes to gaming.

PaMu Slide has a very good call quality, especially when it comes to indoor environments. Making calls with the Pamu Slide becomes a bit challenging when you are outdoors. PaMu Slides do not repress the surrounding atmosphere very well, such as traffic and various other noises, which could be distracting as they may interfere with your voice.

My final thoughts are provided in this round-up of pros and cons. At the end of the day, the PaMu Slide offers an exceptionally good option for those seeking a quality TWS earbud with long battery life and a very reasonable price.

10 to 11 hours of battery life in different testsCase is bigger than most TWS earbuds
Provides good highs and lows without distortionsTaps do not always render instant commands
Case provides 60 hours+ total playback timeBass can use improvements in future models
Tested it for ten days, never fell out of my ears 
Light weight and very comfortable to wear 

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