Several major classes of technology stand a good chance of changing health care as we know it. Home health care, in particular, could see tremendous benefits from digital breakthroughs like the Internet of Things, more advanced medical-minded wearables, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
As we continue to chase the dream of fully autonomous vehicles, the technology we develop can solve smaller yet no less important problems, such as automating the operation of forklifts in industrial settings.
digital road smart city
The true measure of 21st-century technology is not in its cool design, level of innovation, or the myriad of features it provides. Instead, consumers want to know if the device they invest their time and...
Go board
AI scientist François Chollet unpacks the meaning of intelligence and how to measure the efficiency of artificial intelligence systems.
Technology can’t hold prejudice beliefs against anyone, however there are many cases where technologies are discriminatory. Could it be that the people making these technologies hold biased beliefs themselves?
Internet of Things (IoT) is the hot new phenomenon that is fast altering our lives and businesses with its seemingly unlimited possibilities and use cases. Improved utility, analytics, energy saving and plain simple comfort are...
Many people use artificial intelligence and machine learning interchangeably, which isn't a bad thing as long as it isn't done with ill purpose.
Activation Atlases, a new tool developed by AI researchers at Google and OpenAI, helps visualize the inner-workings of neural networks and better understand deep learning algorithms.
Boston Dynamics spot robot opening door
Is Spot a desperate attempt by Boston Dynamics to keep its new owners satisfied, or is it a real step toward creating useful robots that can work alongside humans
Detecting deepfakes is a cat-and-mouse game that is becoming harder every day. Archangel, a project by the University of Surrey, uses neural networks and blockchain to prove their provenance of videos and protect them against tampering.