DeepMind earnings report
DeepMind has finally become profitable. But it is also becoming inextricably tied to its parent company Google.
artificial neural networks deep learning human brain
When it comes to AI, how a problem is solved is always secondary to if a problem is solved, and if you don’t care how, you can solve just about anything.
large language models logical reasoning
A new study by the University of Tokyo shows that with the right prompt, large language models can perform zero-shot reasoning.
Image source: 123RF Our global food system depends on large-scale agriculture to feed the world’s immense and growing population. However, the environmental costs of industrial farming are immense. Indeed,...
Hi everyone. I just set up my blog and I'm happy to be part of the Wordpress community. If you're into tech, business, and politics; if you're looking for advice on computer programming; and if...
There was every reason to believe Spotify would fail or would be crushed by one of the tech or music giants. But the company thrived against all odds.
Technology can do wonders for society, but are we allowing it to go too far? Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing but beware the perils.
Deep learning is good at finding patterns in text and speech, but AI's understanding of the human language is shallow even if it sounds and looks convincing.
After the bitcoin bubble burst, what will happen to blockchain, the technology that supports cryptocurrencies?
Survival of the Best Fit is an online game that teaches you the basics of algorithmic bias and how machine learning algorithms can make problematic decisions.