There’s a lot of excitement around what companies like Databricks can do for the enterprise AI market. But whether the huge valuation is justified or a byproduct of the hype surrounding the market remains to be seen.
By Luke Fitzpatrick Data is a piece or a large amount of information stored electronically. With so much information stored in different folders, this separation...
neural network undetectable backdoor
A new research paper highlights the threats of undetectable backdoors in machine learning models.
openai dall-e 2
The fast-paced evolution of DALL-E as a commercial product is a sign of the expansion of the market for generative AI models and the maturity of Microsoft’s long-term partnership with OpenAI.
microsoft openai langauge models
Microsoft and OpenAI released a bunch of good new LLM products. Google has released Bard, but it is still lagging behind.
ChatGPT fine-tuning
OpenAI's new fine-tuning feature for GPT-3.5 Turbo is a reflection of the fast-evolving market for large language models (LLM).
Tech companies are facing a backlash from the negative effects of their products and services. Will they fix them before their damages become irreparable?
Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming an inherent part of our lives. Does their convenience come with a security and privacy tradeoff?
There is significant interest in many countries in the potential of blockchain for government services, both in terms of cutting costs and for building trust and transparency. And, indeed, there already are many compelling pilot projects around the world.
Researchers at IBM and MIT have developed a technique that helps understand generative adversarial networks (GAN), one of the most complicated artificial intelligence models that have been created in the past year. Their findings defy some of the general perceptions we have about AI complexity