Tesla dashboard
At CVPR 2021, Tesla AI chief Andrej Karpathy explained why computer vision alone is enough for full self-driving, and why Tesla is in a unique position to make it happen.
Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the latest trend that is gradually conquering the cloud.
Alexa's lack of understanding of the context of conversations can become confusing. Developers will have to figure out how to make their AI assistants smarter.
Hi everyone. I just set up my blog and I'm happy to be part of the Wordpress community. If you're into tech, business, and politics; if you're looking for advice on computer programming; and if...
Proponents of free speech dream of forming alternative digital content universes controlled by people instead of corporations. The invention of blockchain may be the missing technology that makes that possible.
Facebook's recent vulnerability is just one of the many privacy and security scandals the company has faced in 2018. Do Facebook's struggles mean it's doing a sloppy job at securing its platform?
We humans tend to humanize artificial intelligence. But this line of thinking is wrong, even if AI and deep learning accomplish the most fantastic feats.
Guest post by Ralph Goodman Many people have postulated that the future of home security lies within the smart lock. However, I do not believe that the future of anything is that clear cut, especially home...
Biological neurons
Work by neuroscientists and AI researchers at DeepMind and labs in Germany and Greece provides a clear view of what's working in artificial intelligence.
Boston Dynamics
After being acquired by Hyundai, Boston Dynamics will have a chance to create a profitable robots business. But the benefits are not without tradeoffs.