This year was a big one for artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and all the related technologies. Thanks to innovations and breakthroughs, the industry took great leaps both for the better and the worse...
Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming an inherent part of our lives. Does their convenience come with a security and privacy tradeoff?
openai gpt-3 blog substack
A blog written by GPT-3 triggered a lot of hype in the media. But most stories paint an incorrect picture of advances in AI.
This week Tumblr declared it will be using artificial intelligence to block adult content on its platform. What are the challenges of AI-based content moderation?
How will the future of IoT affect cybersecurity? F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen explains at the TNW Conference.
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From Amazon’s new AI products to the merger of Google Brain and DeepMind, here’s a recap of the latest developments in the AI arms race and their implications.
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DeepMind's AlphaStar proves we can still push the limits of AI. But it also reminds us of the challenges we must overcome to replicate the human brain.
Researchers at IBM and MIT have developed a technique that helps understand generative adversarial networks (GAN), one of the most complicated artificial intelligence models that have been created in the past year. Their findings defy some of the general perceptions we have about AI complexity
Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to grow radio frequencies (RF) and bring this retro technology to the modern sphere.
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By Shalu Jaiswal Image source: 123RF The digital world we live in has never been bigger and more influential. Many fundamental tasks and activities have moved...