brain gears
Cognitive scientist Gary Marcus argues why hybrid artificial intelligence, the combination of neural networks and symbol manipulation, can create robust AI systems.
microsoft openai gpt-3 license
Microsoft's exclusive license to OpenAI's GPT-3 language model can boost the AI lab's search for a viable business model. It can also break it.
Artificial intelligence helps stifle the efforts of online scammers by alerting humans to unusual activity they can investigate further.
Adversarial machine learning threat matrix
The Adversarial ML Threat Matrix provides guidelines that help detect and prevent attacks on machine learning systems.
Deep learning concept whitening
Concept whitening is a technique that helps create interpretable deep learning models without incurring performance penalties.
  Guest post by Dr Michael Abrams For all the talk about connectivity, security and analytics, the IoT is ultimately about the information; where it flows, who owns it, and how it’s used.  Nowhere are these IoT questions...
Whether it’s personal, social, corporate, scientific or political, data will have a key role in determining the functionality and efficiency of the systems that will underlie the infrastructures of entire communities as humanity becomes more...
game of life neural networks
The Game of Life is based on very simple rules, but artificial neural networks struggle to learn its rules through the classic deep learning training process.
IT server room data center
By Cuneyt Buyukbezci Increasing automation and digitization is inevitable. More companies are transferring their operations to IT systems, and more of these operations are being automated. However, what isn’t inevitable is the rise in IT failures and...
robot artificial intelligence
By Asheesh Mehra Isaac Asimov, roboticist and science fiction writer, predicted in his novel I, Robot in 1950 that robots and artificial intelligence were going to be banned from Earth in the year 2030. Instead, we...