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By Eyal Benishti Since its invention in 1970, email has undergone very little changes. Its ease of use has made it the most common method of business communication, used by 3.7 billion users worldwide. Simultaneously, it...
Optical AI hardware accelerators are helping improve the speed and throughput of neural networks while reducing the power consumption.
Tesla Model 3
Tesla's Smart Summon proves that without integrating reasoning and commonsense into AI algorithms, self-driving cars will always a “work in progress.”
While the networking industry shifts more and more to Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, data science can help them to improve an ever more complex underlying infrastructure.
Driverless cars will eventually become good at detecting and avoiding all kinds of collisions. But how should they decide when human death becomes inevitable?
For many years, the issues with password-based authentication have been riddling the cybersecurity industry. Passwords are being stolen, bruteforced and circumvented in a myriad of ways by hackers that are seeking to find their way...
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The true measure of 21st-century technology is not in its cool design, level of innovation, or the myriad of features it provides. Instead, consumers want to know if the device they invest their time and...
The smart toys that parents give their children these days keep them busy. But what’s the cost of having less-fussy kids with help from tech?
According to Gartner, over a third of the 8.4 billion connected "things" in use globally will be implemented inside companies. Here's how they should overcome the challenges to reap the rewards.
As an employee, you are required to share detailed personal identifiable information with your company that is "securely" stored in the cloud. Now, how much "secure" is that information anyway?