By Christian Johan Smith, TrackR I grew up in Selden, Kansas, in a family of wheat farmers. Manually harvesting wheat was an extremely tedious and laborious work, involving cutting and bundling by hand. However, this changed...
artificial neural networks
For the moment, AI researchers have a "bigger is better" mentality. But the tendency toward larger neural networks can be to the detriment of the field.
AI's capabilities go way beyond autonomous vehicles when it comes to transportation.
There’s no arguing that 2015 was a record year in data-breaches and hacks. Both in quantity and quality, the cyber-attacks we witnessed last year outmatched those of 2014 (which itself was a shocking year in...
Personal privacy is under siege as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the recent implementation of GDPR clearly demonstrate. Blockchain may have the solution for our big data problem.
Unrelenting progress in digital technologies is changing law firms and how lawyers work, right before our eyes and what it means to "be a lawyer" might look a little different in a few years than it does today.
Gamification enables companies to gather data about the users of their mobile apps in ways that are fun and engaging—and sometimes creepy.
By Tobias Goebel, Aspect Software Chatbots can provide real value to companies when properly conceived and have a tremendous amount of potential to support a business’ customer service efforts. How? Let’s look at the facts: Fact #1:...
Deep learning is not likely to disappear, nor should it. But it's time for a critical reflection on what it has and has not been able to achieve.
Deep learning concept whitening
Concept whitening is a technique that helps create interpretable deep learning models without incurring performance penalties.