Regulating initial coin offerings not only helps investors but also startups launching ICOs.
medical technology
This article is part of our ongoing coverage of the fight against coronavirus. In the relatively short time since doctors detected the first case, the coronavirus pandemic has put the healthcare sector under tremendous strain. Departments deal with...
IoT can be crucial in making smart cities the green cities of tomorrow.
neural networks infected with malware
researchers at the University of California, San Diego, and the University of Illinois have discovered a technique to embed malware in deep neural networks.
Science research
The increase in the availability of data and advances in deep learning is paving the way for the use of artificial intelligence in scientific research.
Can blockchain's transparent and distributed nature solve the opacity, unfairness and hostility that haunts the digital ads industry?
digital road smart city
The true measure of 21st-century technology is not in its cool design, level of innovation, or the myriad of features it provides. Instead, consumers want to know if the device they invest their time and...
internet of things city
By Erik Fossum Færevaag For over a decade we have witnessed a proliferation of internet-connected devices. Nowadays, the number of internet-connected devices is estimated to...
Boston Dynamics Spot industrial
The new update to Boston Dynamics' Spot robot doesn't come with a flashy video. But it could have a huge impact on Spot’s position in the industrial mobile robot market.
Kaggle is running an AI contest based on Francois Chollet's Abstraction and Reasoning Corpus. We're not close to solving the challenge yet, but it will show how much progress we've made toward general AI.