Cyber-threats and data breaches are growing in number and severity, botnets are enlisting new conscripts at a chaotic pace, cryptoransomware attacks are raking in millions for malicious hackers… and we are hard-pressed and ill-prepared to...
The honeypot is one of the most tried-and-true tactics in both law enforcement and espionage. It also has a long history in cybersecurity. Say hello to HoneyBot.
As social creatures, we are the sum total of our interactions with others. Blockchain will help us take our identity into our own hands.
Malicious hackers are always looking for ways to target businesses, government agencies and individuals, and they have a wide variety of methods and vectors at their disposal to attack their targets. But naturally, they’ll always...
Running your own business is a dream. Here's how to protect it while it's still most vulnerable.
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will increase the rights of EU citizens over how their personal data is collected and stored and companies need to conform to EU's new privacy policies or face huge fines.
Artificial intelligence and the human mind are totally different constructions that complement each other's shortcomings.
Technology can do wonders for society, but are we allowing it to go too far? Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing but beware the perils.
Several major classes of technology stand a good chance of changing health care as we know it. Home health care, in particular, could see tremendous benefits from digital breakthroughs like the Internet of Things, more advanced medical-minded wearables, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
We talk a lot about the exciting uses cases of AR and VR but not enough about the threats. This is a conversation we should have before disaster strikes.