The shades of emotion in the human voice are being decoded and mapped in a way that has never been done before, and it’s providing the foundation for the next generation of emotionally intelligent AI.
Following last week’s DDoS attack against Dyn, which was carried out through a huge IoT botnet, there’s a general sense of worry about IoT security—or rather insecurity—destabilizing the internet or bringing it to a total...
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By Aldona Limani The rise of the gig economy continues apace. According to a study by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the University of Hertfordshire, the gig economy has more than doubled over the last...
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Machine Learning A-Z probably won’t make you an AI and data science guru. But it will be an excellent first step in your journey to mastering machine learning, giving you a solid foundation to move on to more complicated tasks.
Will we manage to regulate data ownership before digital dictatorships emerge? The future of life itself might depend on it.
Google's AI-powered Duplex demo raised fears about the ethics of artificial intelligence agents that imitate humans. How well-placed are those concerns?
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As AI tools become increasingly advanced, we're seeing that artificial intelligence has the power to transform disaster recovery strategies for the better.
2018 was a year of reckoning for the AI industry. In parallel to technological developments, there was ample focus on the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence technology.
Does the tech industry have a diversity problem? Does the mix of gender, ethnicity, age and skill-level reflect society? As much as we’d like to say yes, the numbers paint a different picture. Almost two-thirds of...
For digital businesses there are a number of risks which freelancers and contractors may face as a result of the new GDPR regulations. Here's what you need to know!