AI's capabilities go way beyond autonomous vehicles when it comes to transportation.
Google discovered a vulnerability in Epic Games' Fortnite for Android. But did its early disclosure expose users to security risks?
With a monopoly on wired broadband home internet there may be a solid case for net neutrality regulations, but 5G networks are poised to disrupt the whole equation.
Robot Hand Bulb
Will AI replace humans in the workplace? Indeed, dystopian fears have triggered the amygdala in many people. Those fears, however, are unfounded.
With the help of machine learning, companies can remove the frustrating elements of business travel that often force employ to "go rogue" on company protocols.
Black piggy bank
Global occurrences of money laundering are on the rise. With every new regulation put in place to combat financial crimes, criminals develop ever more sophisticated workarounds, forcing financial institutions (FIs) to come up with new...
openai robotic hand rubiks cube
OpenAI created a robotic hand that solves the Rubik's Cube. It's an interesting feat, but not a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.
game of life neural networks
The Game of Life is based on very simple rules, but artificial neural networks struggle to learn its rules through the classic deep learning training process.
GPT-3 applications products startups
OpenAI gives easy access to GPT-3. But building a successful product is more than just putting a nice user interface on the massive AI language model.
Reinforcement learning artificial intelligence
In a new paper, scientists at DeepMind suggest that reward maximization and reinforcement learning are enough to develop artificial general intelligence.