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Google discovered a vulnerability in Epic Games' Fortnite for Android. But did its early disclosure expose users to security risks?
With a monopoly on wired broadband home internet there may be a solid case for net neutrality regulations, but 5G networks are poised to disrupt the whole equation.
Will AI replace humans in the workplace? Indeed, dystopian fears have triggered the amygdala in many people. Those fears, however, are unfounded.
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We’ve all seen movies like Eagle Eye and Terminator Genisys, or read one of the myriad sci-fi books that suggest computers will one day take over the world – and then we dismissed the notion...
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Unrelenting progress in digital technologies is changing law firms and how lawyers work, right before our eyes and what it means to "be a lawyer" might look a little different in a few years than it does today.
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The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence recently introduced Aristo, an AI that can pass an 8th grade science exam. Is the AI really learning science?