artificial intelligence
Change is always difficult, especially when presented to a species advanced enough to recognize it as it’s happening. To the human mind, the concept of Artificial Intelligence swings a pendulum from fascination to fear.
Supply chains are fundamental to the industry but their current inefficiencies make them ripe for disruption. Here's is one of the areas that blockchain technology can help.
The real value of Google Pixel's Call Screen feature is the problem it solves, not the technology its marketing team is talking about.
It’s rare that both sides of the betting equation win, but blockchain sportsbook technology is paving the way for both the bettor and the book to come out ahead.
Gamification enables companies to gather data about the users of their mobile apps in ways that are fun and engaging—and sometimes creepy.
email menu on monitor screen
By Eyal Benishti Since its invention in 1970, email has undergone very little changes. Its ease of use has made it the most common method of business communication, used by 3.7 billion users worldwide. Simultaneously, it...
artificial intelligence singularity
How will superintelligent AI redefine the identity and relations of humans and artificial intelligence agents?
Adversarial machine learning threat matrix
The Adversarial ML Threat Matrix provides guidelines that help detect and prevent attacks on machine learning systems.
machine learning dynamic pricing
By Bruno Slosse  It is almost universally accepted throughout the business world that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform things. A PWC survey confirmed as much, with...
GitHub Copilot microsoft openai
Copilot, a source code generator developed by GitHub and OpenAI, provides interesting hints about the future directions of the software industry and the business of large language models.