Nvidia's RTX technology is there allowing us to go for real-time ray tracing. What has been the realm of CG studios will soon become retail. What are the consequences and where are we headed?
Ever since the advent of computers, humans have been searching for ways to create software that better address their daily needs. Today, desktop, web, and mobile applications have grown in complexity and size to the extent...
Deep learning and neural networks brought artificial intelligence into practical domains. But like other life-changing technologies, they also introduced their own unique cybersecurity threats. Here's what we know.
For decades, artificial intelligence researchers have tried to replicate the knowledge and logic of the human brain. AI scientist Richard Sutton explains why this approach is wrong.
Your healthcare data are currently scattered across many cloud services creating privacy and compatibility concerns. Blockchain can help by giving you back the ownership of your healthcare data and the ability to choose which services have access to it.
2017 didn't see robots conquer the world, but it was a big year for AI nonetheless.
Hi everyone. I'm happy to announce that today, TechTalks turns three! Happy birthday TechTalks! The third year of our blog was full of accomplishments, and we already know that year four will be even more...
Several major classes of technology stand a good chance of changing health care as we know it. Home health care, in particular, could see tremendous benefits from digital breakthroughs like the Internet of Things, more advanced medical-minded wearables, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Decentralizing social media has some distinct benefits. But it will also present new challenges.
Ever since the dawn of computers, organizations, companies, government agencies and individuals have relied on usernames and passwords as the principle way to identify users and grant (or deny) access to sensitive information, communications and...