These technologies will shape 2017

By Beata Green, HeadChannel Ltd.

With a small device that fits into your pocket, you can have the world at your feet.  2016 did not revolutionise the world and you should not expect 2017 to do so either, but modern technology gives more possibilities than ever to more people than ever. If you want to make the most of 2017, get familiar with technologies that will probably influence the near future. Continue reading


How to secure your smarthome gadgets

smarthome nest thermostat

The holiday season is a big time for consumer electronics and smarthome gadget sales. With so many advances and innovations that we saw in the Internet of Things in 2016, there’s a likely chance that one of those connected devices has found its way into your home, or that of one of your loved ones, this Christmas.

But while IoT devices make our homes more efficient, drive energy saving and reduce costs, you should also take note that IoT devices are a source of security headaches. A huge number of smarthome gadgets are developed without sound development practices and end up being used for evil purposes. Continue reading

How smart locks are changing the way we think about security

smart lock

Guest post by Ralph Goodman

Many people have postulated that the future of home security lies within the smart lock. However, I do not believe that the future of anything is that clear cut, especially home security. This is not to say that smart locks will not have a place in the future. I am merely trying to view them as objectively as possible in order to discuss the ways in which they are changing the security landscape. There are many indicators that point to the fact that smart locks will have a bright future in terms of security, but there are also a few indicators that signal that the smart lock industry could take a wrong turn if it does not pay more attention to security. Continue reading

What happens when you bring home a connected product?

Smart washing machine

Guest post by Barbara Nelson, CTO Cirrent. Twitter: @cirrent

That day you knew would come has arrived. Your old washing machine that was being unreliable got worse, and is now leaking soapy water all over your floor. The time has come to replace it. So you head to your local home appliance store, and pick out a new washing machine.

Your new washing machine comes with some upgraded features, such as vibration reduction technology (you like the idea of a quieter washing machine). The biggest change, however, is that your new washing machine is a connected washing machine, allowing you to control and monitor your laundry from anywhere, using your smartphone. That sounds great!

So, you connect your washing machine to your home Wi-Fi network (which can be a troublesome process, but you get it done). Now what? Have you just installed a trojan horse on your home network? Continue reading