5 Smart home technology trends that can save you money

By Alyssa Winters, TopReveal

There are so many advantages of new smart home technology trends. In this short article, we are going to talk about how these smart home technology trends can help you save some money. Living in a smart home can really be fun.

Today, many American homeowners drive pleasure in automating daily functions of their homes such as climate control, entertainment, security, lighting etc. According to a recent study, about 45% of people choosing to remodel their homes in developed countries especially Europe and America are interested in adding at least one smart device to it.

When we talk about smart home device, we are specifically talking about an aspect of your home that can be controlled with your mobile device. Why are people happy with this upgrade? The reason is not far-fetched; those who have subscribed to this have repeatedly said that they experienced high level of satisfaction with their devices, climate control, entertainment, security and lighting systems than those who have devices that have no link with their mobile devices.

Below are 5 amazing trends that can help you save money:

Smart thermostats and smoke detectors

Programmable thermostats have been in existence for about three decades now, they are synchronized with the clock, such that they are difficult to set and highly inefficient. They will turn on or off as you programme them whether you are there or not.

However, the newer models come with better features, they can be programmed to adjust to the current temperature when they sense you or familiar persons are around, they can go back to standby mode when they sense either you or familiar persons are not present. You will be saving money and energy when they are in standby mode.

Also, having an efficient smoke detector around your home will save lives. Most of the new available smoke detectors monitor air quality, carbon dioxide and smoke. Thus, you will never regret using this new sensor technology.

Smart Home Security Systems

In recent years, home monitoring has become a complex issue. The old-style security system, where you will have to hire a contractor to wire your home with monitoring sensors, has been replaced with new smart technology.

This new technology comes with a lot of features, with a few smart devices placed on your home, you can sense when windows and doors are opened or closed, so you can monitor movement in and around your home. Some systems include but not limited to sirens, video and audio monitoring.

An app will help you to get a comprehensive detail on security breaches. Since you are alerted immediately the system senses an intruder to your smart home, it is more likely that intruders will abstain from coming to your home. Some of this audio-video security system comes with night vision and sirens, and they function 24 hours a day.

Smart lighting systems and light bulbs

Having a well-lit home can perfectly increase the value of your home. If your smart home is well lit, it will feel warm and welcoming both to you and your guests.

Smart lighting sensors and dimmers can give you control over the coolness or warmth levels of your lighting. You can program your lighting systems to turn on or off anytime you want. Installing this specialized new technology into your smart home will yield multiple benefits.

Smart Solar Panels

Smart solar panels can help to power your home- it’s renewable and green and can also save you some money. With smart solar panels, it becomes extremely possible to put the sun to work for you. You can turn them off in cases of fire or emergency atmospheric condition. And this is one of the enviable benefits of smart solar panels.

Smart Grid ready appliances

Smart grid ready appliances are in use both in private enterprise and government circles. Recent studies show that it will continue to be so even beyond the next decade. It communicates how your household uses electricity to the energy companies. Thus, you will be charged a higher rate if your household is using lots of electricity.

With this new technology, it becomes possible communicating with your dryer/washing machine, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator with smart grid; it knows when to perform their functions and when not to do so.

This will enable you to save some funds, thereby mitigating energy costs. The good news is that these ready appliances are finally available in the market, and they can be acquired at friendly rates than normal high-end appliances.


With your smartphone, you will enjoy an efficient home, leading to savings in upkeep costs and in your energy. Most smart phones come with impressive capabilities, which show you can have absolute control of your home, just at your fingerprints.

Alyssa Winters is blogger and writer at topreveal.com.

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